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Atomic Layer Deposition

Picosun is a direct descendant of the very beginning of Atomic Layer Deposition. ALD was invented in Finland in 1974 by Dr.Tuomo Suntola, Member of the Picosun Board of Directors. Their CTO Sven Lindfors’ has designed outstanding ALD systems continuously since 1975. Combined, Picosun employees share over 200 years of ALD experience forming what many describe as “by far, the best ALD team ever”.

PICOSUN® R-SERIES ALD process tools
Manual or semi-automatic processing for R&D and pilot production

Substrate size and type 50 – 200 mm single wafers
Wafer minibatch up to 150 mm
156 mm x 156 mm solar Si wafers
3D objects
Powders and particles
Through-porous and HAR samples
Process temperature

50 – 500 °C, higher on request

Substrate loading options

Pneumatic lift (manual loading)
Load lock with magnetic manipulator arm
Semi-automatic loading with handling robot
Cassette-to-cassette loading with cluster tools

Precursors Liquid, solid, gas, ozone, plasma
Up to 12 sources with 6 separate inlets


Manual or automated processing for pilot and full scale production.

PICOPLASMA™ source system

The highest level of R&D requires the best equipment. The unique hot-wall, top-flow, dual-chamber design of the PICOSUN™ R-series ALD tools guarantees the deposition of highest quality ALD films with excellent uniformity even on the most challenging structures such as through-porous samples, ultra-high aspect ratio trenches, or nanoparticle powders. Our highly functional and easily exchangeable precursor sources for liquid, gaseous, and solid chemicals enable particle-free processing of a wide range of materials on wafers, 3D objects, and all nanoscale features.
  • Model R-200 Standard for basic ALD research
  • Model R-200 Advanced for even more flexibility with more precursor sources and plasma-enhanced ALD
  • Highly versatile, cost-efficient, modular, and customizable ALD tools for single or batch wafer processing, 3D objects, high aspect ratio (such as deep trench and via) structures, through-porous, and particle samples


PICOSUN™ P-300 ALD process tools

Fully automatic single wafer and batch processes for high volume manufacturing

PICOSUN™ P-300 -series defines the new era of high volume batch ALD production. P-300 ALD tools are fully automated, optimized for industrial production, and, with clustering, capable of coating hundreds of wafers per hour without compromising even the strictest industrial quality and repeatability standards. Excellent film uniformities in batch (thickness Std. Dev. < 1 % with Al2O3 on up to 300 mm silicon wafers) and particle level down to 1-2 added particles (> 70 nm), per wafer can be achieved. Our process support ensures seamless process optimization and integration in demo and ramp-up phases.
  • Model P-300S with platform integration for single wafer processing of 200 mm or 300 mm diameter wafers
  • Model P-300B for batch processing up to 300 mm diameter wafers

PICOSUN™ P-1000 ALD process tool

The flagship of ultra-high volume ALD manufacturing

The P-1000 ALD reactor is designed to accommodate batches of wafers up to 450 mm in size and large sheets of glass. Alternatively, the P-1000 system is ideal for large batches of 3D objects. The P-1000 ALD system represents Picosun’s leading technical design concept and fulfills the most stringent industrial standards. Easy operation, maintenance, and switching of sample size and type with different carriers provides ultimate productivity and flexibility for a wide variety of industrial manufacturing applications.


Additional Options

Roll-to-roll ALD chamber

Picosun’s revolutionary roll-to-roll ALD technology is one of the most highly requested and welcomed additions to Picosun’s capabilities as the leading provider of ALD solutions. The PICOSUN™ roll-to-roll ALD chamber is available for all, both old and new, PICOSUN™ R-series ALD reactors.

Roll-to-roll ALD chamber

PICOFLOAT™ particle coating system

In Picosun’s novel, innovative PICOFLOAT™ particle coating system the powder to be coated is in a constant motion which ensures uniform ALD film formation on every particle down to nanoscale dimensions. PICOFLOAT™ system is available for all, both old and new PICOSUN™ ALD reactors, up from the PICOSUN™ R-200 series.

PICOFLOAT™ particle coating system

Glove box compatibility

All PICOSUN™ ALD tools can be integrated with various types of glove boxes to eliminate handling of moisture sensitive substrates in the air. Tools with separate load locks or the standard elevator can both be connected with a leak tight seal to the glove box wall or bottom plate.

A glove box is also ideal for using or storing toxic, very volatile, oxygen or moisture sensitive precursors.

UHV compatibility

All PICOSUN™ ALD systems can be made ultra-high vacuum (UHV) compatible either by integration with a pump-down chamber or by modifying the tool itself enabling pump-down down to UHV region. UHV ALD tools can be integrated with other deposition and measurement tools to make possible high-quality interface between ALD films and III-V semiconductors, for example.

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