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Picosun Enables Novel Catalysts

Picosun, the leading manufacturer of high quality Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) equipment, extends its solution portfolio into functional ALD coatings for novel, ecological catalyst materials.

The newly developed novel catalysts are aimed to significantly reduce costs and process waste generation of chemical manufacturing. Potentially, this can lead to several hundreds of millions of euros economic impact, giving a substantial boost to the competitive edge and sustainability of European chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Picosun develops ALD for graphene-based displays and electronics

Picosun Oy, a leading Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) equipment manufacturer teams up with several prominent European nanotechnology companies and research institutes to develop novel, graphene-based solutions for display manufacturing, flexible electronics, and electronic component industries.

With its phenomenal physical properties, such as excellent heat and electrical conductivity and structural strength, graphene has a huge amount of potential future applications in several branches of industry. It is paving the way especially in flexible electrical devices, sensors, optoelectronics, and a new generation of displays, where it can replace con-ductive films. Graphene is also in the roadmap of high-performance electronics, where graphene’s extreme heat conductivity can be utilized in developing outstandingly efficient heat sink structures.

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Portable degas system pulls 29” HG vacuum in small footprint

A new portable degas system that features plug and play operation and is sized and priced for research labs and small batch production applications is being introduced by MV Products.

The MV 4-Gallon Portable Degas System features a 4-gallon stainless steel chamber, a clear 1” thick Lucite® top for contents viewing, and a dry piston 5 CFM vacuum pump that pulls 29” Hg vacuum. Easy to move and store, it is totally self contained in a 20” sq. mobile cart and operates on 115V power.

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