FFKM & FKM ‘O’ Rings & Seals

FFKM (perfluoroelastomer) and FKM (fluoroelastomer) ‘O’ rings and seals, supplied by Fluorez Technology, are high-performance sealing solutions designed for demanding applications in various industries. These elastomeric materials provide exceptional chemical resistance, temperature stability, and mechanical properties, making them ideal for use in harsh environments and critical applications.

FFKM ‘O’ rings and seals offer unparalleled chemical resistance and can withstand temperatures up to 325°C (617°F), making them suitable for aggressive chemical processing, semiconductor manufacturing, and oil and gas industries. FFKM’s unique molecular structure, featuring fully-fluorinated carbon chains, grants it remarkable resistance to degradation from exposure to a wide range of chemicals.

FKM ‘O’ rings and seals are a more cost-effective alternative to FFKM, providing excellent resistance to high temperatures, oils, fuels, and various chemicals. With a temperature range of -20°C to 200°C (-4°F to 392°F), FKM is a popular choice in the automotive, aerospace, and industrial sectors.

Fluorez Technology specializes in the production of high-quality FFKM and FKM ‘O’ rings and seals, ensuring optimal performance and reliability for their customers. By offering a wide range of sizes, configurations, and material grades, Fluorez Technology caters to diverse applications and industries, meeting the stringent requirements of today’s advanced technologies.

FFKM & FKM O-Rings & Seals Products