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The NXQ4000 Series Mask Aligner is ideal for universities and pilot line production, supporting substrate sizes from pieces up to 200 mm and an easy to use interface with simple, topside mask loading.
The NXQ8000 Series Mask Aligner is a scalable, high volume production model that combines an ‘open architecture’ modular design with precision alignment and exposure features for unmatched versatility.

Modular Platform:

Auto Load, DUV exposure optics and Backside Alignment can added in the field without expensive platform changes!

Scalable Platform:

The NXQ8000 provides the capability to go from R&D to pilot production to fully automated HVM on the same platform

Levelling System and Alignment Stage;

Low contact force allows the user to work with very fragile materials

Minimal maintenance;

No worn parts! No adjustments! No daily calibrations! Reliable! Accurate!

Integrated OBS and IR Backside Alignment (BSA);

BSA - Integrated IR – Select Method (IR or Optical) in Recipe. No Hardware conversion required!

Dual functionality as a Metrology Tool! – Inspect BSA Wafers - Post Develop – With IR Viewing.

High Definition GigE Cameras for unsurpassed image clarity! No one else offers this unique capability in the industry!

Simple to Add Backside alignment in the field!

The NXQ8000 is the only Mask Aligner in the Market that can do Backside Alignment (BSA) and then a post develop front to back IR overlay inspection with no hardware changes!

Smart Align Technology;

Final Alignment Check at Print Gap, Not Align Gap!

Manual Tray Load Even on Auto Load Systems!

Simple to change Wafer Sizes; Takes just a few minutes to change mask holder and chuck. No conversion needed for Robot Section!
Integrated OBS and IR backside alignment

Wedge Error Compensation (WEC);

No mask damage, No re-calibration for different wafer thickness, Precise Proximity gap settings will maintain +/-1um which provides accurate alignment and quality print resolution. Proximity balls can be adjusted to contact non-active areas.

DUV Lamp house and 1KW power supply;

220-280nm Mercury/Xenon, Minutes to convert for DUV exposures

Lowest Cost of Ownership in the Market!

  • Maintenance Free Z Axis; Frictionless Air Bearing, Requires No Lubrication
  • Maintenance Free WEC; Precise, Air Bearing Ball Seat Design
  • Maintenance Free Alignment stage!
  • Reliability and Uptime Unsurpassed with Uptimes > 98%!
  • Milara-Logosol Robot 60,000 Hrs MTBF – Years of trouble free cycles!
The NXQ9000 series is the first-of-its-kind 1x proximity stepper in the marketplace for full field or step and repeat exposures. Available in Roll to Roll or large area substrate formats.

Step and repeat exposure to control runout effects and CD variations possible with large area 1x Full field aligners.

Supports contact and proximity printing modes, selectable by user

Handles roll to roll or entire substrates up to 320mm square; larger substrate sizes available

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