Fluorez Technology

FFKM and FKM O-Rings/Seals.



Varion™ is the FFKM product line from Fluorez Technology, and we offer more than 20 different FFKM compound to cover customer’s needs. For instance, Varion FC series is designed for chemical resistance and FT series has our special ingredients for high temperature resistance. We also offer FFKM in high purity (FU series) which can be used in certain environments requiring no molecular release from sealing parts. Customized compound design can be carried out easily in our lab and all standardized sealing parts can be made with all of our FFKM compounds in our clean room.



Femrex™ technology has our own compounding factory and laboratory, which offers customized ingredients in order to satisfy each customer’s unique need. Femrex™ is our FKM/Viton product line which includes compounds and parts, we also offer Femrex Plus™ series to satisfy customers who need a FKM to work with a specialized environment but at a lower price than FFKM’s

Perfluorinated liquid (PFPE)

Perfluorinated liquid (PFPE) is our chemically inert, colourless, non bio-hazard and thermally stable perfluoropolyether liquid. Working temperature of PFPE liquids is between -60°C to 165°C, and it is also resistant to most chemical solvents which makes it an ideal interface for heat transfer fluids.


PTFE Micropowders

PTFE Micropowders are low molecular weight; micronized white particles and the particle sizes are around 3-20 um in diameter. They are additives in polymers, inks, or paints which offer benefits of reducing friction, chemical resistance and act as an insulator. They meet numerous application of our customers.