Notion Systems

Notion System is the future of mass production additive manufacturing. The n.jet semicon series offers a wide range of processes for frontend, as well as backend processes in the semiconductor industry.

The platform comes with integrated edge handling for any substrate type or wafer size, integration with the MES system (e.g., SECS-GEM), and state-of-the-art pre- and post-processing modules. Our nozzle replacement strategies and our full process control improve yield and process stability. The system can be combined with high-precision dispensing units that further enlarge the window of processable materials within the same platform.


  • Photo resist printing
  • Sensor active inks
  • Chip packaging
  • Dielectrics, Conductives, Resists, Adhesives

n.jet semicon lab coater

The n.jet semicon basic inkjet printing system is a new process tool for typical ink coating applications of wafers and other substrates. The new designed ink printing system provides excellent coating uniformity and repeatability for up to 200 mm wafers or up to 6”x 6” substrates. System is suitable for process development and small-scale production.


  • Round wafer up to 200 mm (8 inch)
  • Square substrates size up to 150 x 150 mm (6 x 6 inch)
  • Controller unit via touch screen
  • Fast and material save coating of different materials
  • Selective coating, print where requrired
  • For very thin material coating in combination with spin coating < 100 nm
  • For solvent or none solvent materials
  • No EBR with flat and notch free coating
  • Wet in wet processing (material mixing)
  • Designed for edge coating on wafers and substrate
  • Designed for R&D institutes or laboratory operations



Semi-automatic controller unit:

  • 10“ color touch screen as user terminal
  • Program start via touch screen or push button
  • Recipe editor to wirte, manage and configure
  • USB port for data exchang (e. g. save/load of recipes)
  • Software updates or backups function

n.jet semicon advanced: Automatic inkjet system

Main Features:

  • High precision inkjet printing
  • High placement precision of better than 5 micron
  • High uniformity
  • Up to 8 different fluids in one print
  • Large variety of print heads from FujiFilm, Xaar, Konica-Minolta and Ricoh supported

We also offer an advanced system including cassette to cassette automation, pre– and post processing stations such as plasma cleaning, hotplates or UV curing stations.

Every ink jet system is equipped with a meniscus tank system, as well as a automatic cleaning station and waste tank.

The optical alignment system and the nozzle calibration allows high precise printing results. The inkjet system can be equipped with several industrial print heads and a temperature-controlled chucks.