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Handling and Automation

Founded in 1979 in Silicon Valley, USA, Fortrend has served as an innovative original equipment manufacturer for the Semiconductor and PV industries. For over thirty five years Fortrend products have become the crucial automation connections among different processing equipment.

Fortrend continues to develop its innovative automation technology for extensive use in the semiconductor industry. Fortrend is an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of automated SMIF handling equipment and its SCARA robots.

Lamina II reticle sorter

The Lamina II is designed to allow the FAB Reticle room to automate the transfer of Reticles from Clam Shell shipping/storage boxes to SEMI E111 SMIF pods.

Transfer New Reticles from mask shop or storage to SMIF Pods return Reticles to mask shop or storage. In the mask shop the Lamina II improves productivity and Yield for the transferring of Masks to and from SMIF pods and shipping boxes.

Fortrend offers a number of different configurations of the Sorter to meet the final transfer requirements, floor space and special design needs of the customer.

Lamina 200 series sorter

For the Lamina 200 Series Sorter system Fortrend recognizes the need to maintain a high standard of cleanliness within the system when handling the EUV masks and the need to handle standard masks from shipping boxes that do not meet the ISO class 1 cleanliness requirements.

  • Fully automated mask/reticule transfer systems
  • ISO-Class 1 cleanliness
  • Integrated ionizers to meet SEMI E78 ESD “Level1” standard
  • Meets SEMI S2/S8 standards
  • Turn/Flip Modules (Rotate Mask 0° to 360°;Flip Masks 0° to 180° )

Plus 500

200mm SMIF pod opener with integrated cassette transfer robots.

The fully automatic Fortrend Plus 500 transfers 200mm cassettes from SMIF pods onto process stages in 60-80 seconds. The system can also be used to load cassettes into process tools in a non-SMIF environment.

With a total footprint not much larger than a SMIF pod, the Plus 500 is easy to integrate with AGC systems and into small areas.

PLM-200 SMIF Pod opener

The Fortrend PLM-200 is a simple, reliable pod opener designed to open 200mm SMIF pods by lifting the shell. Wafer or Reticles remain in a sealed micro-environment where they can be accessed by a process tool’s robot. Active airflow keeps the sealed micro-environment in better than class-1 cleanliness.

Designed for quick installation and removal the PLM interfaces easily with most semiconductor tools. An optional reticle mapper protects against breakage during reticle handling operations. An integrated wafer/reticle protrusion sensor and provisions for tool interlock signals; further prevent the pod cover from closing on protruding wafers/reticles.

Optional extras include: Reticle mapper, RFID, Barcode reader.

  • The PLS 200 EUV SMIF pod opener by Fortrend has a small footprint for table top use.
  • ISO class 1 cleanliness
  • Applies 80N force to outer pod door, per SEMI E152 during unlocking and locking of the outer pod door.
  • The opener unlocks the POD outer door to allow manual removal of outer pod cover to access inner reticle pod
  • Ideal for low cost use inside a mini-environment with an open stage tool.
  • It is a stand-alone all electrical system.
  • The system meets SEMI E19.4, E48, E152, S2 and S8 standards and is CE certified.
  • Unlocks/Locks standard 200mm SEMI E100 reticle SMIF pods (RSP)
  • Optional extras available: RFID reader/writer, purge.

POM 150R- Desktop SMIF 150 Pod opener

The Fortrend POM-150R is an automated SMIF pod opener designed to open 150mm SEMI E111 and E112 multiple reticle SMIF pods.

After the pod cover is lifted, the reticles are accessible in the pod by the operator using a mask pick. Designed for table-top applications, the POM is an all-electrical system for quick installation and removal. An optional patented substrate mapping technology protects against breakage during substrate handling operations. A wafer or reticle protrusion sensor with operational interlock prevents the pod from closing on protruding substrates.

The pod sensor detects the presence of the SMIF pod and prevents mistakenly compromising the airflow between the equipment and the fab.

SMIF Cu-Si Zone Isolation System

The SMIF Cu-Si zone isolation system is designed to ensure no cross contamination can occur from the use of Cu-Si products to the rest of the clean room environment.

Mass wafer transfer systems

4”, 5”, 6” 8” and 12” – Cassette to cassette and back to back batch transfers

One, two, three and four stage systems

Applications: Furnace, wet bench, CMP, Ion implantation, metrology.

Class 1 compatible: >0.1 PWP @ 0.16 microns

Small foot print


Options available: Boat inserts, integrated notch finder and flat finder, Counter, Vespel contact points, temperature sensor, Ionizer, Lexan side covers with ESD coating, Foot switch, Key switch, Green LED, EMO.

Thermal Curing Chambers

High temperature vacuum cure oven:

Up to 300mm with a capacity of 50 wafers per chamber

200mm wafer auto load available

Continual horizontal lamina flow of N2

Low 02 < 10 ppm

Process temperature range 150-450°C

Temperature uniformity better than +/- 3.5°C

High temperature vacuum cure oven:

The oven system has an integrated mini-environment, 30 0mm load ports, wafer robot, cassette robot, YES series oven and control unit.

200mm cassette manual/auto load available

Fully automatic

Temperature range: Ambient~160 degree

Uniformity: +/- 5°C

Cleanliness of system: Class 1

Storage and material logistics

Fortrend produces Hi-Density storage and material logistics hardware solutions.

Please contact us for details on Fortrend’s, eRack SMIF pod storage, N2 chambers, InforTrac RFID solutions & Pod management software.