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Intelligent Fluids

Intelligent fluids GmbH has developed cleaning fluids which remove persistent pollutants in the microelectronics and engineering sectors.

The use of water based, non-inflammable and pH-neutral intelligent fluids®
Physical Function instead of chemical reaction results in the following advantages:

  • Operator-friendly process environment
  • No need for ATEX equipment
  • Less waste in drain system due to less consumption
  • Lower operating temperatures
  • Shorter process times
  • Reduction of cost per mask layer
  • Higher Yield and improved COO

Typical Applications

  • Peripheral and Non-Semiconductor
  • Cup-Cleaning
  • Adhesive-Removal
  • Display-Cleaning
  • Equipment-Cleaning
  • Semiconductor FEOL / BEOL
  • Photoresist-Stripping
  • Metal Lift-Off
  • TSV-Cleaning
  • Photomask-Cleaning

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Intelligent Fluids