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ProSys Megasonic cleaning systems and transducers provide superior cleaning performance, substantially higher reliability, and a lower cost of ownership for manufacturers of submicron contamination-sensitive products. Megasonics is ProSys’ core and only business. The company focuses on delivering innovative technology with exceptional performance at a competitive cost.

ProSys Megasonic cleaners fulfil the semiconductor industry’s stringent cleaning requirements with a family of products that offer new levels of reliability while lowering the cost of ownership.

Megasonic Tank Cleaning system:

  • Small Compact size
  • Quick dump rinse (QDR) tank configurations
  • Standard sizes to 300mm
  • Four-sided overflow standard
  • Custom size available
  • Transducer crystal array
  • Multiple crystal custom array
  • Stainless steel, quartz, sapphire, ceramic and other resonator materials available
  • Repairable
  • Continuous with pulsed wave operation
  • Operating temperatures to 60°C


The Megpie is a single wafer Megasonic transducer for cleaning and sonochemical processing of multiple substrate sizes in one chamber. It applies a uniform dose of acoustic energy to a rotating substrate. The MegPie will improve your process efficiency and lower the process time and it is easy to retrofit to your substrate processing tool.

Tabletop Megasonic Cleaning System:

The Prosys Tabletop Megasonic cleaning system brings Megasonics to the laboratory tabletop. This small, compact system enables a researcher to experiment with Megasonic acoustic energy at a fraction of the cost of a wetbench processing station. This versatile Megasonic cleaner can clean a wide variety of substrates, one at a time.

Immersible Array Megasonic Transducer

The ProSys Immersible Array is a Megasonic transducer that is designed to install into an existing process tank in minutes. The addition of acoustic energy to a processing bath can improve the efficiency and reduce the process time. Products are available that are compatible with solvents, acids, or bases.