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Solar-Semi systems are based on standardized platforms, which allow a wide range of individual configurations for processing and handling of fragile substrates used in the semiconductor, MEMS, piezoMEMS, OLED display and similar industries as well as in R&D.

Easy lab systems

Easyline 200 BM - Bench mounted module

Process tool for coating and drying

Easyline 200 TT - Table top module

Process tool for coating and drying

Easyline 200 SM (SMS) - Stand alone module

Process tool for coating and drying

Easyline 200 Wet - Wet module

Process tool for coating and drying

Semiautomatic systems

Quickstep coater module - Open bowl

Spinner system for coating, cleaning or developing applications

Quickstep coater module - Covered chuck

Rotated Covered Chuck Technology (RccT)™

Quickstep hotplate module

Quickstep big substrates

Large substrate coater

Quickstep wet process module / Cleaner module

Single wafer cleaner

Quickstep lift-off module

Metal lift-off applications

Quickstep spray coater module

Revolutionary spray coating method

Fully automatic systems

Microcluster MC 204 - 208

Coater / Developer / Cleaner

Microcluster MC 304 H2


Special products - SCM 750 OLED (Fully automatic system)

The SCM-750-DCH line serves for coating glass substrates used for the manufacture of OLEDS. A robot picks up the substrates from the carrier in the I/O Module and places them in the processing modules. The sequence of processing is defined in a flow recipe.

This System contains semi-automatic modules scale up to fully automated assembly groups.The SCM-750-DCH line is designed to coat the following substrates:

  • Glass: 370 x 470 mm
  • Glass: 850 x 850 mm
  • Glass: 8" x 8"
  • Glass: 12" x 12"

piezoMEMS MC 204 - 208 PZT CSD (Fully automatic system)

In the field of Piezo Layers (PZT) for MEMS, solar-semi has created a specialized, fully automated CSD tool (chemical solution deposition). With this tool, stacked crystalline PZT layers up to a thickness of 4 μm have already been demonstrated.

The tool configuration provides a coating unit for sol-gel coating, various hotplates with temperatures up to 450°C for solvent evaporation and an RTP system for layer crystallization. All modules are supported by a robot system for a fully automated process flow. An automated chemical supply system and a completely sealed security housing with its own FFU (filter fan unit) completes the system.

For more detailed information on Solar-Semi's systems click here

New large substrate smartEBR system developed

Solar-semi have developed a new system for large OLED substrates. This patent pending technology allows removing edge beads from coasted substrates of almost any size or shape. In this special case squared substrates up to 750 x 750 mm will be processed. The removal depth is programmable from 0 to 15 mm from the edge with an accuracy of ±0.5 mm over one entire edge. Since solar-semi is consequently developing tools for all process steps around lithography for large substrates of more than 2 x 2 m, from coating, baking, etching, stripping and cleaning, it was a logical step to provide also EBR (Edge bead removal) to complete the process sequence.

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