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Probe, Test and Burn-in

International Test Solutions provides non-destructive cleaning products used by semiconductor manufacturers to remove debris and contaminants generated during wafer level and burn-in/test socket testing. By removing loose debris and adherent contaminants in-line, the quality of the testing data is improved, the test equipment downtime is reduced, throughput is increased and manufacturing yields are improved.
PROBE CLEAN Removes Loose Debris From Probe Tips
Probe Clean is a unique highly cross-linked polymeric probe card cleaning material that is non-conductive, non-corrosive material that removes and traps the loose debris that accumulates on the probe tips and shaft.
PROBE POLISH Non-destructively Maintains High Wafer Yield
Probe Polish combines the attractive forces of Probe Clean™ with uniformly and spatially distributed abrasive particles for the added benefit of removing embedded contaminants during probe cleaning.
PROBE SCRUB Restores Performance and Removes Bonded Debris
Probe Scrub™ is a multilayer probe cleaning medium developed for collecting particulates and debris that accumulate on probes during wafer sort and effectively removing "weld nuggets" from the probe tip contact surface.
PROBE LAPPrecision Lapping Film
Probe Lap is a precision lapping film developed for on-line probe card cleaning to impart a proper contact surface finish with significantly reduced debris generation and provide consistent contaminant removal across a wide temperature range (ambient up to 125˚C)

Flat Tip Probes

PROBE FORMReshapes Probes for Stable Contact Resistance
Probe Form was developed for cantilevered probe technologies to provide a cost effective method of uniformly “reforming” a flat probe tip into a smooth, radius shape.
TEST CELL CONDITIONER (TCC) Collects Loose Debris and Removes Adherent Contaminants From Test Sockets and Contactors
Test Cell Conditioner (TCC) is a unique multilayered “surrogate” package form-factor designed to fit any IC burn-in/test socket and remove all loose debris and embedded oxides from the contacts and test socket.

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Chuck Cleaning Wafers

Chuck Cleaning Wafer (CCW)Controlling Wafer Backside Debris

Engineered Multiple Use Cleaning Solutions for Wafer Handling Tools and Wafer Chuck

  • CCW is a wafer constructed with an engineered surface geometry and tacky polymer film that is passed through wafer handling tools “tacky side down” to remove particles and debris via direct contact.
  • Meets appropriate SEMI Standards for all wafer diameters
  • Handled easily with existing hardware within wafer tools
  • Individual solutions are custom formulated to operate across -50C to 200
  • Polymer material is a non-Outgassing, proprietary material manufactured with controlled surface tackiness to collect and remove particles from wafer handling hardware, wafer tables, and wafer chucks.
  • 100% solid and highly cross-linked
  • Variable and highly controlled surface adhesion (“sticky surface”)
  • No residual transference during usage
  • Non out- gassing across operating ranges

Compliant Edge Ring
Wafer Handler Arm

Compliant Surface Eject
Features for ESC Chuck

Compliant Spoke Features Pin Chuck and Handler