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Company profile:

Vulcan, formed in 1927, are one of only a few manufacturers with a full complement of metal-sheathed heaters, temperature sensors, temperature control products and precision calibration services. Many of their temperature measurement products are engineered into equipment at the world's leading semiconductor companies. Other areas of temperature sensor expertise include ultra-high temperature materials processes and other advanced metallurgical applications. Their Flexible Interconnect solutions include a broad range of capabilities in flexible circuits, flexible wiring harnesses, and electrical testing services.

Semi Fab Process Sensors

Vulcan Electric Profile Thermocouples are high-precision temperature sensor constructions designed and manufactured primarily for the Semiconductor, Solar and LED industries.

These thermocouples were engineered to address the critical process temperature measurement and control required for those industries. Special precautions are taken against contaminants and to ensure complete materials compatibility. Vulcan are a comprehensive source for new Semiconductor thermocouples of numerous shapes, sizes, calibrations and materials. Their specialized services are utilized by many premier manufacturers.

  • High-precision thermocouples for high-tech industries
  • New, Refurb, Recycle and Reclaim options for flexibility
  • Quality Assurance Program meets highest standards

Ultra High Temp Probes

Vulcan UHT Thermocouples are designed for extreme temperature, time and cycling. Their complete selection of thermocouple materials with superior performance characteristics and quality offer the most advanced line of temperature sensors for extreme process applications.

  • High-integrity seals for vacuum tight applications
  • Protective tube sheath materials to meet specific application requirements; Molybdenum tungsten coated, pure tungsten, tantalum, molybdenum, platinum, alumina oxide, Hexoloy
  • Insulation materials for extreme temperatures; hafnium oxide insulation
  • Single, dual and multiple junctions for profiling
  • Thermocouple elements: Type C, G, R, S, B, PII, K, N
  • Custom designs for O.E.M. applications
  • Temperature ranges up to 2315 °C (4200 °F)

General Purpose Thermocouple Probes

Vulcan Electric designs and produces a wide assortment of thermocouple constructions for industrial applications. Many of these products are custom designed for a specific process requirement

Every Vulcan thermocouple is constructed of premium materials and components for durability and maximum longevity. Each one is manufactured and tested to precise specifications to make certain they perform to your exact temperature sensing and controller requirements.

  • ANSI Type Calibrations: K, J, T, E, N, S, R, B, PII, C
  • Protection Tubes: Alumina ∓ Mullite Ceramics, Silicon Carbide and Single-Phase Silicon Carbide, Metal Ceramic tubes, Refractory Laminated, Mild Steel, 304SS, 316SS, 446SS, Inconel 600 & 601, Cast Iron.
  • Back-filled and Sealed assemblies for type C calibration
  • Process fittings and Flanges
  • Thermowells
  • Enclosures for General and Explosion proof
  • Hot junctions: Grounded, Ungrounded & Exposed
  • Transmitters 4-20 Ma