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Founded in 1971, Mass-Vac, Inc. serves customers in need of vacuum pump support and service. Over the years they have expanded their original services to include new and used vacuum equipment, vacuum pump fluids and vacuum components. Mass-Vac has also developed a complete line of vacuum inlet traps, exhaust traps, and oil filtration systems.

Vacuum Traps

MV Multi-Trap®

High Capacity, High Efficiency, Vacuum Inlet Trap

Removes corrosive and abrasive particles that can destroy your vacuum pump

Extends Pumping System Preventative Maintenance periods by up to 2 times or more.

Common Applications are;


MV Posi-Trap®

Foreline Trap Ensures positive flow with no “blow-by”

All stainless steel construction

Straight-thru and right-angle styles offered

Wide variety of filter elements to choose from

Midi-Mist™ & Maxi-Mist™

Stainless steel construction resists corrosion

Protects environment from vacuum pump exhaust

Drain plug for recovering pump fluids

Simple disassembly and cleaning

High-capacity coalescing filters drain oil into a large reservoir for easy recovery

Designed for large capacity vacuum pumps


Vacuum Inlet trap with transparent Sump

Select inserts for trapping particles, water, oil, or corrosive chemicals

Transparent sump shows when to change insert without removing from vacuum system


A compact, portable, self-contained system for continuously filtering mechanical vacuum pump fluid

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