Microelectronics Testing

Your partner for zero defect achievement.

ELES is an innovative Italian SME that operates in the Microelectronics Testing systems sector, offering Test Systems (machines) and Test Applications (boards & services).

ELES provides the Customers with reliability testing solutions for Logic, MEMS, Memory and Smart Power ICs, Sic & GaN and Photonics.

They are focused on providing effective support to achieve Zero Defects with a 100% Yield, for the possible best competitiveness and sustainability, establishing a mutually beneficial partnership with our Customers, worldwide. Our Unique Proposition originates from the SERVITIZATION business model (sell solutions and deliver results). We offer turnkey solutions on Reliability Test consisting of peculiar Test Systems combining Stress and Test on the same platform, Applications (Test Program and Fixtures), Test Development and Simulation SW suite, Data Analysis Tools and Results Support Services.



For devices from 0 to more than 1.000W
Powered by ELES RETE for Augmented (or maximization) Stress & Test coverage with dedicated HW and SW Algorithms IPs to reach
Zero Escape qualification
  • Liquid-cooling and Air-cooling mode for reliability test cost optimization
  • No risk to damage electronics in case of leakages
  • Controlled temperature in the oven to avoid the stress of electronic components on board
  • Purge with nitrogen or dry air to avoid DUTs oxidation Single device temperature control
  • Automatic calculation of DUTs Equivalent Lifetime
  • Large device observability and extended data collection
  • Dedicated SW tools to support data interpretation and statistical analysis
Picosun P-series process tools


All-in-one Reliability Test System for Smak Power devices, SiC & GaN
  • Enhanced Fault Triggering and Detection intercept all device weakness according to RETE TfR approach.
  • Satisfy the most stringent qualification like Automotive “Grade-0”, temperature range -40°C to 175°C.
  • Power Temperature Cycling capability according to JESD22-A105C.
  • High Voltage (up to 6KV) & High Current.
  • Possibility to connect external loads for test in application mode for a more effective stress.
  • System Health & Environment Monitor to maximize Overall Equipment Efficiency.
  • Modular & Scalable platform.
Picosun P-series process tools


High-parallelism test during burn-in platform for high-power SOC devices, from 5W to 1 KW
(esp. ADAS, Networking, Cloud Computing & AI).
  • Best-in-Class Solution in Cost of Ownership.
  • Enhanced Fault Triggering and Detection towards Zero Defect production inline with RETE TfR approach.
  • Enabling safe HV Stress.
  • Ready to be integrated in a fully-automated manufacturing flow according to Industry 4.0.
  • Standard 3D Test Fixture, compatible with automated production flow and reusable for different test applications.
  • System Health & Environment Monitor to maximize Overall Equipment Efficiency.
  • Modular & Scalable platform.