Discover Fortrend’s Innovative Vacuum Transfer Modules (VTM) and EFEM/Sorters

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In the dynamic world of semiconductor manufacturing, precision and efficiency are critical. Fortrend, a leading provider of semiconductor transport solutions with over four decades of experience, has unveiled its latest breakthroughs: the Vacuum Transfer Modules (VTM) and the EFEM/Sorters. These cutting-edge solutions promise to redefine semiconductor front-end processes, setting new benchmarks for performance and reliability.

Fortrend Pioneering Excellence

For more than forty years, Fortrend has led the way in semiconductor equipment development, consistently delivering state-of-the-art solutions that surpass industry standards. Their deep expertise in semiconductor transport has earned them widespread acclaim from top semiconductor manufacturers globally. Sistem Technology has been delighted to represent and work with Fortrend for over 25 years and we’re delighted that we can now bring a new product to our customers.

Vacuum Transfer Modules (VTM) Precision Redefined

Fortrend’s Vacuum Transfer Modules (VTM) represent a quantum leap in semiconductor handling technology. Engineered with a focus on precision and efficiency, VTMs employ advanced vacuum transfer mechanisms to securely and accurately transport delicate wafers and masks across the manufacturing process. This not only enhances process reliability but also significantly reduces the risk of contamination, ensuring unparalleled output quality.

Key Features of VTM

High-Precision Handling – VTM ensures precise alignment and transfer of wafers/masks, minimising errors during processing.

Contamination Control – Leveraging vacuum-based transfer technology, VTM minimises particle contamination, optimising overall yield and product quality.

SEMI Standards Compliance – All VTM modules adhere to SEMI standards, guaranteeing seamless compatibility and interoperability within semiconductor manufacturing environments.

EFEM/Sorters Optimising Manufacturing Workflows

Complementing the VTM line, Fortrend introduces its EFEM/Sorters, designed to streamline semiconductor manufacturing workflows. EFEM (Equipment Front-End Module) and Sorters play a pivotal role in wafer processing facilities, facilitating efficient wafer handling, sorting, and inspection processes.

Highlights of EFEM/Sorters:

Customisable Solutions: Fortrend’s EFEM/Sorters offers tailored solutions to meet diverse semiconductor manufacturing needs.

Enhanced Productivity: By automating critical processes like wafer sorting and inspection, EFEM/Sorters boost manufacturing productivity significantly.

Seamless Integration: Fortrend’s EFEM/Sorters seamlessly integrate with existing semiconductor manufacturing equipment, ensuring compatibility and ease of implementation.

Fortrend Shaping the Future of Semiconductor Manufacturing

With the introduction of Vacuum Transfer Modules (VTM) and the EFEM/Sorters Fortrend continues to lead the charge in advancing semiconductor manufacturing technology. By combining decades of industry experience with cutting-edge innovation, Fortrend empowers semiconductor manufacturers to achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency, productivity, and reliability.