System Service &
Maintenance Support Packages

Products we currently represent directly

Picosun Atomic Layer Deposition Systems
Intlvac Physical Vapour Deposition, Ion Beam Sputter/Etch Diamond Like Carbon
Notion Systems Inkjet Printers for electronic applications Cost Effective Equipment Spin Coat, Bake, Develop & Clean, Temporary Bond/ Debond
Fortrend Engineering SMIF automation, Wafer Transfer Systems, 300mm Factory Automation, Reticle Handling systems
Chemical Safety Technology Manual, Semi Auto & Fully Automated Wet Benches, Chemical Distribution Systems
Osiris International Automated Spray Coat, Develop, Clean and Etch Systems,
Product Systems Megasonic Cleaning Systems
DS Fibertech Furnace Elements and Ceramic Insulation Products
Process Technology High Purity In line and Immersion Heaters, Heat Exchangers, Advanced Power Supplies
Mass Vac Advanced Vacuum Traps and Filters
International Test Solutions Wafer Probe and Test Cell Cleaning Products, Chuck Cleaning Products
InControl Engineering Smart Sensor and Process Control Solutions for wide range of production applications
Neutronix Quintel Mask Aligners
Line Tech Digital and Analogue Mass flow Controllers
Fluorez Technology FFKM & FKM O Rings and Seals

Legacy and Other Systems we can support

Vacuum Pumps and Control Equipment
Edwards Vacuum pumps, Single and two stage
Edwards Roots blowers EH250, EH500
Leybold Vacuum Pumps, Various models.
Alcatel Vacuum pumps, Various models.
Diffusion Pumps various models.
Cryo Pumps various models.
Turbo pumps
Sputter Deposition & E beam Evaporators
Leybold Sputtering system.
Nordiko Sputtering system.
CVC Sputtering system
Edward diffusion system
Welman & Centrotherm Furnaces
LPCVD systems & temperature controller
Process Monitoring
Luxtron End Point Control/Monochromators
Mass Flow Controllers
Semiconductor process equipment - please enquire
Wet Process Equipment
Semitool Rinser Dryers
Semitool Chemical Process/ Cleaning systems
Verteq Megasonic Benches
Verteq Rinser
Dryers, Sunburst /Turbo
Verteq VCS Verteq Cleaning system
FSI SRD Rinser Dryer & Wet Process systems
Helios 52 Clean stations
DNS, WS820C, (Automated Wet Benches)
Santa Clara Plastics Wet Benches
Plasma Etching and Deposition Systems.
Oxford Instrument equipment
PE 80,
PRS 800
Technics( TEPLA) Plasma Etch systems
SVG Resist/Developer Track systems 88 & 90
Karl Suss Mask Aligners
Canon Mask Aligners
Tegal Track
AIO tracks
Benchtop resist spinner/hotplates

Our Support Offerings

Installation, Commissioning, Training & Warranty
System Refurbs & Upgrades
Spare Parts Sales & Sourcing
Scheduled & Unscheduled Service & Preventive Maintenance Contracts

Response Times

LEVEL 1 ( Sistem Technology and/or Manufacturer’s Tech Support)

  • Telephone/email response within 4 hours of customer contact by Sistem Technology Technical Sales to define problem/allocate resources.
  • In parallel, telephone/email response within 4 8 hours by Technical Support Engineer to attempt problem resolution/schedule site visit

LEVEL 2 ( Sistem Technology)

  • Customer site visit within 24 48 hours by Technical Support Engineer to resolve problem. If unsuccessful, escalate to Level 3.

LEVEL 3 ( Sistem Technology + Tool Manufacturers Technical Support)

  • Customer site visit within 48 72 hours by Manufacturers Technical Support Engineer(s) to resolve problem

Service Contracts

Preventive Maintenance Contracts.

Typically based on set number of visits to customer site per year ( monthly, quarterly, half yearly, annually) to undertake prescribed preventive maintenance procedures on defined number of process tools. Generally includes manufacturer’s cleaning, re calibration, consumables replacement recommendations, plus any other tasks agreed by customer and Sistem Technology at time of contract placement. Contract visits are chargeable in advance when set visit dates are agreed.

Scheduled & Unscheduled Maintenance Contract

Combines preventive maintenance visits together with set number of unscheduled visits to address machine down time events. Contract ensures preferential scheduling of Sistem Technology engineers to customer site when faced with heavy workloads.
Contract visits are chargeable quarterly in advance.