Probe Card Clean (PPC)


SiSTEM Technology and Entegris understand that accurate and reliable semiconductor testing is crucial for achieving optimal device performance. That’s why we are proud to introduce Entegris’ state-of-the-art Probe Card Clean Solutions, specifically designed to meet the unique challenges of the semiconductor industry.

Probe cards play a critical role in semiconductor testing, establishing a vital link between the tester and the device under examination. Over time, these delicate components can accumulate contaminants, resulting in reduced contact efficiency, increased test errors, and compromised testing accuracy. With Entegris’ Probe Card Clean Solutions, you can safeguard your testing investment and maintain the highest standards in semiconductor testing.

Wide Range of Options

Improve overall production efficiency, increase operational uptime, and extend the lifespan of probes. Our PCC Products from Entegris are expertly developed to cater to a wide range of probe cleaning requirements:

  • Probe Polish (PP70, PP99, PP150): Effectively eliminates embedded impurities from probe tips while gathering any loose debris produced during the probing process. This abrasive polymer is specially formulated to preserve the shape of the probe tip and maintain the integrity of the probe contact area.
  • Probe Polish (WFL3.0): Delivers specialised cleaning functionality to enhance performance. Its innovative surface microfeatures offer precise cleaning efficiency in the x, y, and z directions, ensuring thorough cleaning with just a single touchdown.
  • Probe Lap: Specialised abrasive film featuring meticulously controlled surface roughness, crafted with aluminium-oxide or silicon-carbide particles. It’s uniquely tailored for both on-line and off-line probe cleaning, reliably functioning in a wide temperature range from -55°C to +200°C.
  • LCxK: The LC4K, LC6K, LC8K, and LC10K series feature abrasive coated foam materials, innovatively developed to have a reduced chlorine content. This minimization of chlorine significantly lowers the risk of intermetallic chlorine corrosion, which can occur due to ion transfer during the probe cleaning process
  • Probe Form: An economical solution for aggressive off-line cleaning or consistent “reforming” of various probe tips. This product features a highly crosslinked, non-corrosive polymer specifically designed to efficiently remove material from probe surfaces.
  • Probe Vertical: Expertly designed to eliminate embedded contaminants from vertical probe tips and to collect any loose debris that arises during the probing process. Its abrasive polymer formulation is tailored to preserve the pointed or conical shapes of probe tips.
  • Heat Conducting Wafer (HCW): A 300mm SEMI-standard wafer, featuring a stable, heat-conducting polymer coating on its surface. This design is particularly beneficial for advanced memory probe cards. The wafer comes into contact with these probe cards during idle periods or after a probe card change, aiding in quicker temperature stabilisation.

Speciality Cleaning Materials

  • Probe Clean: Probe Clean is specifically formulated to efficiently remove loose contamination and adherent debris from probe tips during the probing process. For the removal of embedded or bonded debris, abrasive products like Probe Polish or Probe Lap are recommended.
  • Probe Scrub: Expertly designed to eliminate both embedded and bonded debris from the probe contact area, while also gathering loose debris along the tip length. This product is particularly effective for cleaning cantilevered probe cards, operating efficiently in temperatures ranging from -55°C to 150°C.
  • Probe Refresh: An abrasive film with precisely controlled surface roughness and compliant underlayers, which work together to significantly reduce probe wear. This product serves as an effective direct substitute for similar on-line lapping film applications.
  • Fiber Film: An innovative abrasive pad, constructed with 5mm long fibres that are coated with abrasive particles and embedded into a poromeric foam layer. When used offline, its flexible fibres gently manoeuvre around the probe tip, providing a low-abrasive yet effective cleaning action.
  • Assembly Clean: A high-tack polymer specially formulated to efficiently remove different types of adherent debris from pick and place hardware used in IC device assembly. For the removal of more strongly adherent debris, the use of an abrasive polymer is recommended.

Advanced Cleaning Technology

Entegris’ Probe Card Clean Solutions feature advanced cleaning technology, ensuring the gentle and efficient removal of particles and residues from probe cards. This cutting-edge process restores the integrity of the card’s contact points, leading to precise and reliable test results.

Comprehensive Cleaning Solutions

Whether you need a routine cleaning solution or a deep cleaning process for heavily contaminated probe cards, Entegris’ range of products caters to your diverse needs. We offer specialised solutions to address various cleaning requirements and optimise the performance of your testing equipment.

Enhanced Performance and Yield

By investing in Entegris’ Probe Card Clean Solutions, you are investing in enhanced performance and increased yield. Clean and well-maintained probe cards lead to accurate measurements, reduced test failures, and improved overall productivity.

Non-Disruptive Cleaning Process

Entegris’ cleaning solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly into your testing workflow, minimizing downtime and disruptions. You can effortlessly incorporate Entegris’ products into your maintenance routine, ensuring that your semiconductor testing operations remain efficient and productive.

Longevity and Cost-Efficiency

Proper maintenance and cleaning of probe cards can extend their lifespan significantly, reducing the need for frequent replacements and associated costs. Entegris’ Probe Card Clean Solutions offer a cost-effective approach to extending the life and maximizing the value of your testing equipment.

Uncompromising Quality and Reliability

Entegris prioritise quality and reliability in every aspect of their products. Entegris’ Probe Card Clean Solutions undergo rigorous testing and adhere to industry standards, providing you with a dependable cleaning solution you can trust.

Elevate your semiconductor testing capabilities with Entegris’ Probe Card Clean Solutions. Experience the impact of spotless probe cards on your testing accuracy and reliability. Trust in Entegris’ expertise and join leading semiconductor manufacturers who rely on Entegris’ cleaning solutions to achieve unparalleled precision in their testing processes.

Unlock the full potential of your semiconductor testing equipment by investing in Entegris’ cutting-edge Probe Card Clean Solutions. Don’t compromise on accuracy and reliability—choose Entegris today.

Take the first step toward superior semiconductor testing. Order your Probe Card Clean Solutions now and discover the difference Entegris’ innovative products can make in your semiconductor manufacturing processes.

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