The Nanotronics nSpec Prism Optical Inspection System – your ultimate solution for SiC frontend wafer manufacturing. From unpolished SiC substrate to epitaxy and device production, nSpec Prism offers a comprehensive and non-destructive approach that eliminates the need for traditional testing methods like KOH etching.

Complete SiC Solution

nSpec Prism provides an end-to-end solution for SiC frontend wafer manufacturing, streamlining your production processes and enhancing efficiency. Say goodbye to destructive testing methods and welcome a more sustainable and accurate approach.

Microscopic Excellence

The system specialises in combining transmission and PL microscopy to inspect SiC wafers at high volumes. Seamlessly detect and analyse SiC killer defects such as micropipes and dislocations, ensuring your products meet the highest quality standards.

AI-Powered Precision

By integrating nSpec Prism with Nanotronics’ AI infrastructure, nTelligence™, customers gain the power of enhanced defect detection and classification. Identify and categorize stacking faults, triangles, and other crucial defects on SiC epitaxial wafers, as well as cracks and sliplines in GaN.

Unparalleled Accuracy

Embrace unmatched accuracy with nSpec Prism’s state-of-the-art imaging technology. Detect and classify defects of interest without the need for destructive methods, ensuring your manufacturing processes are efficient and reliable.

Enhanced Efficiency

Elevate your SiC manufacturing workflow with nSpec Prism’s seamless integration. Reduce downtime and increase throughput while maintaining the highest level of quality control.

Non-Destructive Advantage

With nSpec Prism, you can perform detailed inspections without resorting to traditional destructive methods. Preserve the integrity of your wafers while gaining comprehensive insights into their quality.

The Nanotronics nSpec Prism Optical Inspection System is your gateway to revolutionising SiC frontend wafer manufacturing. With its complete solution, microscopic excellence, AI-powered precision, and non-destructive advantage, this system empowers you to achieve unmatched accuracy and efficiency.

Step into the future of SiC manufacturing with Nanotronics nSpec Prism and redefine your quality control standards. Embrace the next generation of inspection technology and elevate your production capabilities with Nanotronics today.

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