Bowl Meg


Embark on a journey of acoustic exploration with the ProSys Bowl Meg – an agile Megasonic system meticulously crafted for experimentation on minuscule components and dies. Dive into the realm of precision with a solution compatible with potent acids, bases, and an array of solvents.


Compact 30mm-Diameter Transducer

Immerse yourself in precision with the ProSys Bowl Meg’s compact 30mm-diameter transducer, engineered to deliver intricate results on the smallest of parts.


Kynar/PVDF Tank

Trust in the Kynar/PVDF tank to provide a chemically robust environment that ensures compatibility with a range of strong acids, bases, and solvents.


Seamless Installation & Ease of Use

Experience simplicity at its best with an easy installation process that ensures you’re up and running swiftly. Effortless usability puts you in control of your experiments.


Minimal Chemical Consumption

Witness efficiency without compromise. The ProSys Bowl Meg enables experiments with minimal chemical usage, optimising your resources for maximum output.


Affordable Acoustic Process Testing

Embark on cost-effective acoustic process testing with the ProSys Bowl Meg. Experience precision and innovation without straining your budget.


Versatile Operating Frequency

Engage in experimentation with a standard operating frequency of 925 kHz, with the flexibility to request other frequencies as needed.


Optimal Operating Impedance

Achieve stability with an operating impedance of 55 Ohms +/- 5 Ohms, ensuring your experiments are conducted under controlled conditions.


Power Density Advantages

Elevate your experimentation with power density reaching up to 3 Watts/cm². Unlock precision and potential like never before.


Enhanced Operating Temperature

Push the boundaries of your experimentation with an operating temperature that extends up to 60°C, enabling diverse testing scenarios.


From intricate components to delicate dies, the ProSys Bowl Meg empowers you to explore the potential of acoustic energy like never before. Whether it’s acid, base, or solvent interactions, the ProSys Bowl Meg provides the platform for innovation and discovery.


Begin your journey into precision acoustic experiments with the ProSys Bowl Meg. Unleash the potential of small-scale experimentation, compatibility with diverse chemistries, and affordability in one comprehensive package. Witness the future of experimentation at your fingertips.

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