Immersible Array


Unleash a new era of efficiency in your process with the ProSys Immersible Array – a game-changing Megasonic transducer engineered for rapid integration into your existing process tank. Elevate your processing dynamics in a matter of minutes, optimising efficiency, and slashing process time with the infusion of precise acoustic energy.


Effortless Integration

Seamlessly install the ProSys Immersible Array into your current process tank within minutes. Experience the swift transformation of your operations without disruption.


Performance Enhancement

Amplify your processing prowess with the infusion of acoustic energy. Witness enhanced efficiency and drastically reduced process time, pushing the boundaries of productivity.


Chemistry Compatibility

Tailor your experience with an array compatible with solvents, acids, or bases. Customise your setup to align with your specific chemistry requirements.


Robust Construction

Encased in a sealed enclosure crafted from stainless steel, PTFE, Kynar/PVDF, and CPVCC, the ProSys Immersible Array promises durability, longevity, and resilience in even the most demanding environments.


Resonator Variety

Choose from resonators made with quartz, stainless steel, and sapphire, each designed to elevate your processing precision to new heights.


Patented Crystal-to-Resonator Bond

Experience acoustic excellence with Prosys’ patented crystal-to-resonator bond process. Enjoy unwavering stability and performance that yield consistent, superior results.


Innovative RF Connection

Witness the embodiment of cutting-edge engineering with Prosys’ patented RF connection to the crystals, ensuring optimal performance and connectivity.


Redundant RTD Temperature Monitoring

Elevate your reliability with redundant RTD temperature monitoring. Maintain ideal conditions with confidence, ensuring your processes are never compromised.


Repair-Friendly Design

Experience convenience with an array designed for easy repair when required, minimising downtime and ensuring continuous operation.


Acoustically Superior Design

Embrace acoustic excellence with a crystal-to-resonator bond that surpasses epoxy bonds, translating into precision results that stand out.


Robust & Reliable Construction

Trust in a design and construction that embodies robustness and reliability. The ProSys Immersible Array is built to withstand the rigors of industrial applications.


Direct Design Advantage

Experience superior uniformity compared to indirect solutions. The direct design empowers you with results that elevate your processes to unprecedented levels.


Significant Power Savings

Achieve a remarkable 60% reduction in RF power usage compared to indirect designs, aligning efficiency with sustainability.


Elevate your processing potential with the ProSys Immersible Array – a testament to innovation, performance, and a future where efficiency knows no bounds. Discover the possibilities that await you and embrace the transformative power of advanced processing technology.


Processes Supported

  • Wafer cleaning
  • Post-CMP cleaning
  • BOEL cleaning
  • Solar cleans
  • Mask cleaning
  • Lift off
  • Resist strip
  • Mold and imprint master cleaning
  • Etch enhancement
  • Plating assist and bubble removal

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