Quartz Megasonic Tank System


Experience a leap forward in precision cleaning with the ProSys Quartz Megasonic Tank System – an all-encompassing quartz direct-Megasonic cleaning solution, meticulously crafted to seamlessly integrate into your process station. Embark on a journey of unrivalled uniformity and efficiency, where every component is optimised to elevate your cleaning processes.


Unparalleled Direct Megasonic Uniformity

Elevate your cleaning precision with direct Megasonic technology that redefines uniformity. Enjoy pristine cleaning results with the same bath pressure achieved using 60% less input power than indirect methods.


Single-Wafer to Dual 200mm Systems

From single-wafer applications to dual 200mm setups, and even 300mm and larger systems, the ProSys Quartz Megasonic Tank System offers versatility tailored to your process requirements.


Quartz Wetted Surfaces

Embrace the purity of all-quartz wetted surfaces, ensuring your processes maintain their integrity and quality throughout.


Replaceable & Repairable Transducer Array

Benefit from hassle-free maintenance with a transducer array that’s both replaceable and repairable, keeping your system at peak performance.


Enhanced Overflow Design

Experience an innovative 4-sided weir overflow that optimises fluid management, promoting efficient cleaning across your substrates.


Bottom-End Fluid Input

Maximise your efficiency with a bottom-end fluid input design that streamlines fluid circulation, resulting in superior cleaning performance.


Quartz Bottom-Mounted Transducer

Discover the ingenuity of a quartz bottom-mounted transducer that’s strategically positioned for optimal cleaning impact.


Seamless Installation & Operation

Experience simplicity with easy installation and operation, designed to streamline your processes and ensure minimal downtime.


Integration with IMPulse RF Controller

Seamlessly interface with the IMPulse RF controller, enhancing control and precision in your cleaning operations.


Economical Capital Investment

Benefit from a lower capital cost compared to indirect Megasonic systems, making the ProSys Quartz Megasonic Tank System a cost-effective solution for superior results.


Reduced Installation & Usage Costs

Witness lower installation and usage costs compared to indirect alternatives, ensuring your efficiency is matched by economic viability.


Exceptional Uniformity

Embrace better uniformity than indirect methods, ensuring each substrate is cleaned with precision, achieving the highest quality standards.


Elevate your cleaning processes to an entirely new level of precision with the ProSys Quartz Megasonic Tank System. From uniformity to cost-effectiveness, every element is crafted to empower your operations. Immerse yourself in the potential of advanced cleaning technology. Explore the details of this remarkable system and embark on a journey of precision and innovation.

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