Stainless Steel MegPie


Experience a new dimension of advanced manufacturing with the Prosys Stainless Steel MegPie – an innovative single-wafer megasonic transducer meticulously designed to revolutionise your cleaning and sonochemical processes. Dive into the world of precision and efficiency, where each detail is optimised, and every result exceeds expectations.


316 Stainless Steel Resonator for Solvent Compatibility

Immerse yourself in the power of compatibility. The 316 stainless steel resonator harmonises flawlessly with solvents, ensuring a seamless and effective processing experience.


Patented Crystal Bond and RF Connection

Witness the pinnacle of cutting-edge engineering with Prosys’ patented crystal bond and RF connection. Enjoy unwavering stability and performance that drive consistent, extraordinary outcomes.


Redundant Internal RTD Temperature Monitoring

Embrace the pinnacle of precision with redundant internal RTD temperature monitoring. Maintain ideal conditions for your processes confidently and effortlessly.


Versatile Sizing Options

From 100mm to 450mm and beyond, the Stainless Steel MegPie offers a diverse range of sizes to cater to your unique needs. Custom sizes are also available, ensuring a tailored solution for your requirements.


Grounded Housing for Flammable Chemistries

Empower your operations with a housing that can be grounded, specifically designed for use with flammable chemistries. This innovation brings the exceptional performance of other MegPie assemblies into a domain where safety is paramount.


Uniform Direct Acoustic Energy

Immerse yourself in the perfection of uniform direct acoustic energy application. Achieve results marked by consistency and precision, setting new standards for process efficiency.


Enhanced Efficiency & Reduced Process Time

Elevate your processes with heightened efficiency and reduced process time. The Stainless Steel MegPie streamlines your workflow, empowering you to achieve more within a shorter timeframe.


Economical Process Chemistry Usage

Witness the impact of intelligent technology on your budget. Experience reduced process chemistry usage, conserving resources and optimising costs.


Maintenance-Free Design

Bid farewell to maintenance concerns. With no moving parts to contend with, the Stainless Steel MegPie ensures a maintenance-free solution, keeping your operations seamless.


Outperforming Traditional Approaches

Embrace a future that surpasses traditional methods. The Stainless Steel MegPie outperforms brushes and eliminates the need for consumables, marking a significant step towards efficiency and innovation.


Technical Specifications:


  • Power Density: 0.05 – 2.0 Watts/cm²
  • Operating Frequency: 925 kHz (Other frequencies available on request)
  • Mounting Height: 0.02″ – 0.14″ (0.5mm – 3.5mm)
  • Process Fluid Temperature: 15°C – 60°C
  • Process Fluid Flow: 0.5 – 3.0 lpm (Dependent on substrate size and RPM)
  • Operating RPM: 1 – 100
  • Nitrogen or CDA Purge: 10 lpm
  • Mounting: 3 x M6 Female Threaded Bosses
  • Use with IMPulse RF Electronics


Transform your precision processes with the Prosys Stainless Steel MegPie – an embodiment of innovation, performance, and the future of manufacturing excellence. Discover the potential, elevate your operations, and embark on a journey of unmatched capabilities.

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