Welcome to the World of High Precision Capillary Printing (HPCaP)

Craft the micro-objects of the future with a pioneering additive manufacturing technology – High Precision Capillary Printing (HPCaP). Seamlessly apply any material onto any surface, enjoying unparalleled design flexibility. High Precision Capillary Printing (HPCaP) delivers bespoke, localised manufacturing at both the micron and sub-micron levels without the need for masks, UV or chemical reactions.

In the dynamic landscape of modern printing technologies, the quest for increasing precision while diversifying applications has led to the advent of High Precision Capillary Printing (HPCaP). Developed by Hummink, this groundbreaking technology leverages the inherent power of capillary forces and resonance, setting a new benchmark in printing resolution and application versatility without reliance on external energy sources like UV, laser, or pressure.

The Motivation Behind HPCaP

The evolution of printing technologies is propelled by the demand for higher precision and the expansion into new application domains. HPCAP emerges as a pivotal innovation, addressing this need by offering a method that achieves high resolutions and broadens the scope of potential applications through its unique use of capillary forces and resonance mechanisms.

Introducing HPCaP

Inspired by the principles of Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM), High Precision Capillary Printing introduces a novel approach to printing. It utilises a macro-resonator to provide real-time feedback during the printing process. This technology stands out by exclusively relying on capillary forces and resonance, eliminating the need for UV, laser, or pressure-based dispensing mechanisms. The HPCaP system employs a glass pipette, filled with a variety of inks, as its printing tip, akin to the world’s smallest fountain pen, enabling sub-micron scale precision printing.

How Does HPCAP Work?

At the heart of High Precision Capillary Printing’s operation is a macro-resonator oscillating at a specific frequency, attached to a mechanical bridge that facilitates movement with unparalleled precision. This setup allows for adjustments in resonance parameters to achieve desired printing features, while a glass pipette attached to the resonator acts as the printing tip. The system’s sophisticated control over the pipette’s interaction with the substrate ensures high-quality printing without damage, utilising capillary force as the sole driving mechanism for ink dispensation.

HPCaP’s Distinctive Edge

Unlike conventional inkjet technologies, HPCaP enables continuous printing across any substrate with any ink, circumventing the typical defects associated with inkjet printing. This technology’s capability to print at sub-micronic resolutions with high-viscosity materials is attributed to its reliance on capillary forces, offering a solution that other technologies, dependent on external energy, cannot match.

Applications of High Precision Capillary Printing

High Precision Capillary Printing’s versatility extends across various industries, from semiconductor and display applications requiring high-resolution interconnects and repairs, to the emerging field of printed biosensors, and even the luxury watchmaking sector, where precision and care in material handling are paramount. This broad applicability underscores HPCaP’s potential to revolutionise printing in domains where precision, material versatility, and energy efficiency are crucial.

Semiconductor and Display

Utilising conductive inks for intricate and high-resolution interconnections, High Precision Capillary Printing technology enables the repair of open circuit defects and 3D packaging capabilities, demonstrated through Hummink’s manufactured silver ink.

Printed Biosensors

HPCaP’s ability to deposit a wide range of materials makes it ideal for producing fully functional biosensors, offering improvements in sensitivity, energy consumption, and selectivity.


HPCaP’s gentle yet precise printing method opens new possibilities for decorating and functionalising luxury watch dials, offering a viable solution for applying delicate materials without damaging the intricate substrates.

High Precision Capillary Printing represents a paradigm shift in printing technologies, offering a unique approach that relies solely on capillary forces and resonance. Its exceptional precision, compatibility with a wide range of materials, and versatility across different applications positions HPCaP as a forward-looking solution that is set to redefine printing standards. As industries evolve and demand more from printing technologies, High Precision Capillary Printing stands ready to meet these challenges, heralding a new era of precision and possibilities.

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