NAZCA High Precision Capillary Printer (HPCaP)


NAZCA: High Precision Capillary Printing (HPCaP)

The Hummink NAZCA is a state-of-the-art High Precision Capillary Printer (HPCaP) that marks a new era in the fields of display, semiconductor, and printed electronics manufacturing. As a revolutionary tool designed for both research & development and production scales, NAZCA embodies the pinnacle of precision, flexibility, and innovation in additive manufacturing technology.

Revolutionary Technology for Unmatched Manufacturing Flexibility

The NAZCA printer opens vast new avenues for manufacturing by allowing the use of virtually any material—be it silver, gold, copper, graphene, or polymers – on any surface, from Si, SiO2, and Si3N4 wafers, to glass and flexible substrates. This unparalleled flexibility extends to the creation of any desired shape, including lines, circles, gratings, dots, and 3D pillars, ensuring that NAZCA can meet the most demanding and creative manufacturing needs.

Precision and Scale Unlocked

With NAZCA, users gain access to unmatched levels of resolution, ranging from tens of µm to 500 nm, alongside a tailored nanopen that ensures optimal print resolution. This high precision is complemented by an impressive deposition span of 16 cm, accommodating substrates up to 25 cm wide. The printer’s exceptional positioning accuracy—less than 100nm in XY and 5 nm in Z—redefines the standards for high-resolution printing.

Fast, Simple, and Precise Design Freedom

Designed to overcome traditional time constraints, NAZCA High Precision Capillary Printer (HPCaP) can reach achieves a speed of 10mm/s, coupled with a streamlined printing workflow that features automated calibration for remarkable simplicity. Real-time monitoring is facilitated by a high-magnification camera and user-friendly software, offering direct oversight of the printing process and ensuring precise deposition every time.

Breakthrough Additive Manufacturing Technology

The Hummink NAZCA leverages a unique micropen approach with capillary deposition, derived from AFM technology, to revolutionise micronic and sub-micronic printing. This direct approach allows for the assembly of innovative micro-objects critical for advancing digital applications across AI, Cloud, 5G, quantum computing, microLED, and space technologies. With NAZCA High Precision Capillary Printer (HPCaP), the future of micro-object manufacturing is here—offering a seamless, mask-free, and environmentally friendly solution.

Designed for R&D and Beyond

NAZCA is not just a tool; it’s a game-changer for R&D, providing unprecedented resolution, precision, and a large process window within a limited footprint. It’s user-friendly and comes with dedicated inks tailored to your specific needs. Whether for research & development, prototyping or small & mid-volume production, NAZCA stands ready to boost your manufacturing capabilities with high process control, low manufacturing costs, high production yield, and adaptability to existing workflows.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Unprecedented Resolution & Precision
    • From 50 micrometers to 500 nanometers, ensuring the finest quality prints.
  • Versatile Material and Substrate Compatibility
    • Print on a wide array of substrates with any ink, from conductive materials to polymers and quantum dots.
  • Advanced Design and Prototyping Capabilities
    • Create or import custom designs easily, offering rapid prototyping with precision.
  • Clean Room Compatibility
    • NAZCA’s design is fully compatible with clean room environments, ensuring its suitability for high-tech manufacturing settings.
  • Real-time Monitoring and Control
    • With an integrated high magnification camera and intuitive software, maintain complete control over the printing process.

Join the Revolution in Electronics Manufacturing

The Hummink NAZCA High Precision Capillary Printer (HPCaP) represents a significant leap forward in electronics manufacturing technology, providing an innovative solution that addresses the industry’s growing need for precision, flexibility, and efficiency.

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