Wet Benches & Fume Hoods

Chemical Safety Technology is a recognized leader of chemical, slurry and semi-automated wet process benches for the semiconductor and
disk manufacturing industries. The company designs, manufactures, installs and services mix/dispense and wet cleaning equipment.

Chemical Safety Technology

Wet Benches and Chemical Delivery

Available equipment:

Bulk chemical dispense systems
Slurry mix and dispense systems
Total facility chemical management with supervisory computers
Plating stations (manual, semi and auto) with a standard or a unique fixture-less plating cell
Robotic cleaning lines
Mini-environments, Class 10 to 100000
Custom wet process benches
Custom HEPA or ULPA carts
Portable HEPA or ULPA carts
Portable chemical handling equipment
Chemical dosing systems, feed and bleed
Fire suppression for the solvent systems
Wet Bench 4 robot system
Chemical Delivery system
Waste Collection System
Chemical Cart.

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