Cost Effective Equipment release Apogee™ 300 Bake Plate

The Apogee™ 300 is designed for process and R&D engineers requiring a bake plate for large-area substrate applications, and is capable of handling a maximum size of 300mm round or 14” square substrates.


  • New compact design for minimized footprint
  • Full-color, 7-inch touch screen display
  • Durable benchtop design that can be converted to a flange-/deck-mountable configuration
  • Enhanced logging and optional programmable height control
  • Hot plate cover that is cool to the touch, adding extra safety benefits
  • Programmable exhaust
  • Lift pins are now a standard inclusion
  • DataStream™ technology as the standard interface


  • Touch screen interface and display
  • Virtually unlimited recipe storage
  • Virtually unlimited steps per program
  • Three automated bake methods: contact, vacuum, and proximity
  • Bake plate auto-sizing: 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, and 300mm wafers
  • Temperature data recording
  • Electronic lift pins programmable in 0.1mm increments up to 13mm
  • Password protection enabled


    Substrate sizes: 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, and 300mm round wafers
  • Maximum substrate size of 14” (355.6mm) square substrate
  • Temperature resolution: 0.1°C
  • Temperature range: ambient to 300°C (400°C optional)
  • Temperature uniformity: +/- 0.3% across working surface


  • Exceptional uptime
  • 1-year full warranty on parts and labor
  • Free remote technical support (phone, email, fax) for the life of the product
  • Application process assistance for the life of the product


    Unique 2-layer hood design reduces exterior hood temperature
  • Exhausted hood for removal of process chemicals
  • Optional Nitrogen purge for inert bake environments


  • 18” H x 18.75” W x 26.25” D
  • Machine Weight: 146 lbs. (66.2 kg)
  • Shipping Weight: 235 lbs. (106.6 kg)


  • Voltage ranges: 208-240 VAC
  • Power requirements: 3100-4100 watts
  • Exhaust port: 2” (50.8mm) OD
  • Vacuum: 20 to 25 inches Hg (67.7 - 84.7 Pa)
  • Exhaust: 5 to 10 cfm (141.6 - 283.2 1/min)
  • N2 (for bake plate proximity): 35 psi (241.3 Pa)


Cee® has released DataStream™ technology on its new Apogee™ tool line. DataStream™ technology gives you access to all of your connected Apogee™ manufacturing equipment in one place to track, access, and modify your systems via a website or mobile app. This technology will give manufacturers the ability to process and visualize data in real time and search and export that data into a number of different formats.

Real-Time Process Information

  • Constant feedback of process information for monitoring critical process parameters
  • Streamlined interface between different tool types
  • Visual cues on process status & health

Advanced Recipe Creation

  • Seamless switching between basic and advanced recipe creation methods
  • Plain-English recipe translation
  • Pre-defined process commands
  • Unlimited process steps
  • Unlimited recipe storage

Environmental Monitoring

  • Monitoring of temperature & humidity allows for stricter control of critical processes
  • Set preconditions and tolerances for monitored parameters
  • On-screen, colored visual cues for deviation from controlled specs

Data Logging & Export

  • Export data logs into commonly readable formats for further analysis and process troubleshooting
  • Increase process efficiency
  • Identify process control deviations
  • Analyze multiple processes for best known method (BKM) development