Apollo Semiconductor Diffusion Heater

DS Fibertech

Introducing the Apollo Semiconductor Diffusion Heater (1,000°C) by DS Fibertech: Pioneering Low-Temperature Precision

SiSTEM Technology proudly presents the Apollo Semiconductor Diffusion Heater (1,000°C) by DS Fibertech, a testament to our commitment to innovation in the semiconductor industry. Engineered for precision, rapid ramp-up, and exceptional zone uniformity, the Apollo Semiconductor Diffusion Heater is designed to enhance your semiconductor manufacturing processes.

Features In All Configurations:

Designed for Fast Ramp, Low Temp Operations:

The Apollo Heater is optimised for fast ramp-up and excels in low-temperature operations, making it an ideal choice for processes requiring precise and controlled heating at 1,000°C.

Helix Coil Design for Greater Zone Uniformity:

The helix coil design ensures exceptional zone uniformity, providing even and consistent heating across your semiconductor wafers. Achieve superior results with enhanced thermal performance.

Line Voltage Feature Available:

The Apollo Semiconductor Diffusion Heater offers a line voltage feature that eliminates the need for transformers, streamlining your setup and reducing maintenance complexity.

Standard Terminal Leads:

Electrical connections are made effortless with standard terminal leads, simplifying installation and minimising downtime.

Low Mass Kanthal A1 Element Wire:

The Apollo Heater features low mass Kanthal A1 element wire, known for its efficiency and durability. Expect reliable and efficient heating throughout your low-temperature processes.

Proprietary Vacuum-Formed Ceramic Fiber Insulation:

DS Fibertech’s proprietary insulation technology ensures superior heat retention and energy efficiency, minimising heat loss and optimising your energy consumption.

1,800°C Rated Alumina Coating:

Protect your semiconductor manufacturing processes from dust contamination with the Apollo Heater’s 1,800°C rated alumina coating, creating a robust barrier to maintain process purity.

The Apollo Semiconductor Diffusion Heater (1,000°C) redefines low-temperature precision in semiconductor heating. DS Fibertech offers various configurations to match your facility’s specific requirements, ensuring a tailored solution that seamlessly integrates into your operations.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction goes beyond delivering superior technology. SiSTEM Technology is dedicated to providing exceptional support and service, ensuring that your Apollo Heater continues to perform at its best throughout its lifespan.

Choose DS Fibertech’s Apollo Semiconductor Diffusion Heater (1,000°C) to elevate your semiconductor manufacturing processes for low-temperature applications. Contact us today to explore how this advanced heater can revolutionise your operations.

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