Hercules Semiconductor Diffusion Heater

DS Fibertech

Introducing the Hercules Semiconductor Diffusion Heater (1,300°C) by DS Fibertech: Unleash the Power of High-Temperature Precision

DS Fibertech proudly presents the Hercules Semiconductor Diffusion Heater (1,300°C), the embodiment of relentless innovation and excellence in semiconductor manufacturing. Designed to exceed expectations, the Hercules Heater empowers your facility with unrivalled precision and reliability.

Features In All Configurations:

Built-In Reinforcements:

The Hercules Heater is fortified with built-in reinforcements, meticulously engineered to guard against element sagging at zone interfaces. Say goodbye to concerns about structural integrity during critical high-temperature operations.

Resilient End Vestibules:

their end vestibules are crafted to withstand stress, resisting cracking and shrinking under the most demanding conditions. Rest assured that your semiconductor processes remain stable and consistent.

High-Strength Ceramic Interlocking Separators:

The Hercules Heater incorporates high-strength ceramic interlocking separators, ensuring even temperature distribution and safeguarding the integrity of your semiconductor wafers throughout the diffusion process.

Kanthal A1 Element Wire:

Count on the Hercules Heater’s Kanthal A1 element wire for steadfast, efficient, and consistent heating at temperatures up to 1,300°C. Unleash the full potential of your semiconductor manufacturing with this high-performance element wire.

Proprietary Vacuum-Formed Ceramic Fiber Insulation:

DS Fibertech’s proprietary insulation technology sets the Hercules Heater apart, providing superior heat retention and energy efficiency. Enjoy significant cost savings and environmental benefits as heat loss is minimised.

1,800°C Rated Alumina Coating:

Dust contamination is a threat to semiconductor manufacturing. The Hercules Heater features an 1,800°C rated alumina coating, creating an impenetrable barrier against dust infiltration and preserving the purity of your processes.

The Hercules Semiconductor Diffusion Heater (1,300°C) is designed to elevate your semiconductor fabrication to unprecedented heights. DS Fibertech offers a range of configurations to suit your facility’s specific needs, ensuring a tailored solution that perfectly aligns with your operations.

Choose DS Fibertech’s Hercules Semiconductor Diffusion Heater (1,300°C) to unleash the true potential of your semiconductor manufacturing processes. Contact us today to explore how this advanced heater can redefine your operations. Trust in DS Fibertech for the future of semiconductor heating technology.

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