FLO-10C-12W Wafer Oven


Discover Precision in Thermal Processing with Fortrend’s FLO-10C-12W Wafer Oven.

The Fortrend FLO-10C-12W Wafer Oven is a pinnacle of high-performance thermal processing technology that melds exceptional cleanliness, reliability, and operational ease for wafers up to 300mm. Tailored to achieve ISO Class 4 (Federal class-10) cleanliness, this oven is adept at safeguarding your processes from contamination, while ensuring impeccable outcomes across a myriad of applications, such as Moisture Removal, Re-Flow, and Single-Layer Thermal Processing.

Versatile Cassette Orientation

The oven accommodates both horizontal and vertical cassettes, ensuring compatibility with diverse application needs.

Innovative Multi-Zone Heating

Through Fortrend’s proprietary multi-zone coordinated heating control technology, achieve remarkable temperature uniformity of ±3.5°C across a broad operating temperature range.

Variable Gas Consumption

With programmable gas consumption ranging from 0 to 50 litres per minute, it allows for adaptable operational efficiency.

Exemplary Cleanliness & Wide-Ranging Applications

Navigate through superior ISO Class 4 cleanliness, making it an impeccable choice for baking processes across Semiconductor Wafers, MEMS, LED, and Touch Panels, ensuring that your products emerge with the utmost integrity and quality.

Seamless Communication & User-Friendly Interaction

Comprehensive Communication Interfaces: Offering SEMI-standard SECS I/II (RS-232) or HSMS/SECS II (TCP/IP) communication interfaces. Real-time performance data can be transmitted to the Host for insightful SPC analysis.

Intuitive GUI

Operate with ease via a 7” touch panel, providing a user-friendly Graphic User Interface (GUI), embellished with soft buttons for simple yet effective control.

Safety & Control

Navigate through an array of control options with soft keys and safety interlocks, ensuring secure yet flexible operation.

Detailed Monitoring & Enhanced Control

  • Vigilant Monitoring: All critical Key Performance Indices (KPI), such as gas flow rate, temperature, pressure, and time, are continuously monitored, ensuring operations persist within desired parameters.
  • Real-time Data Visualisation: With an optional SPC function, visualise logged data in X-R charts, and manage your processes with a data-driven approach.
  • Prompt Notifications: Alarms or warning messages can be relayed to remote hosts or integrated lamps during abnormal operations, ensuring immediate attention to any discrepancies.

Remote & Customisable Operations

  • Remote Interface: An optional remote interface enables operation in remote-auto mode via internet or Ethernet, offering an additional layer of control and flexibility.
  • Programmable Recipes: Engineers can devise temperature profiles for desired processes with the oven’s programmable recipe function, offering up to 99 temperature steps in each recipe.

Embark on a journey of unbridled precision, operational excellence, and exemplary performance with Fortrend’s FLO-10C-12W Wafer Oven – where innovative technology and meticulous design converge to elevate your thermal processing capabilities.

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