PLUS 500F 200mm Wafer SMIF Loader


Core product

Experience Advanced Wafer Handling with Fortrend’s PLUS 500F 200mm Wafer SMIF Loader – Exclusively Designed for ASM A400 Furnaces

Fortrend introduces the PLUS 500F 200mm Wafer SMIF Loader, an epitome of precision and innovation, meticulously engineered for ASM A400 Furnaces. It remarkably combines compactness with robust functionality, ensuring optimal wafer handling while preserving the utmost cleanliness in your semiconductor manufacturing processes.

Seamless Interaction with ASM A400 Furnace

The robot arm adeptly loads the cassette to the ASM A400’s 3-level internal carousel, ensuring precise and reliable wafer handling.

Drop-In Replacement

Serving as a drop-in replacement for existing ASM 400 SMIF, installation and transition are exceptionally seamless.


Relish the assurance that comes with an ASM-approved SMIF option, attesting to its compatibility and reliability with ASM A400 furnaces.

Maximised Fab Floor Utilisation

The PLUS 500F boasts a small footprint, ensuring your valuable fab floor space is utilised to its utmost potential.

Guaranteed Cleanliness

Attain ISO Class 2 or superior cleanliness with the Plus 500F active self-clean air flow design, safeguarding your operations from contamination.

Sealed Mini Environment

The pod shell is lifted, leaving the wafer cassette in a secured and sealed mini-environment, mitigating the risk of contamination.

All-Electrical System

Equipped with a wholly electrical system paired with field-programmable application software, ensuring adaptability and easy integration into your operations.

Comprehensive Sensor Suite

Wafer Cassette Present, Wafer Protrusion, Pod Present, and Wafer Mapping Sensors (Present, Cross Slot) assure precision and safety in operation.

Standards and Certification

Aligned with SEMI E19.4, S2, and S8 standards and CE certified, fortifying compliance with industry norms.

ASM SMIF Mount Compatibility

Designed to mount directly to existing ASM SMIF mounts, ensuring compatibility and simplifying installation.

Teach Pendant

Facilitates easy programming and operation, enhancing user interaction and control.

Versatile Mounting

Choose from the standard mount or opt for the optional universal floor mount based on your spatial requirements.

Optional RFID and IR Reader/Writer

Elevate tracking and data handling with optional RFID and IR reader/writer capabilities.

Embrace a future where precision, cleanliness, and efficient space utilisation coexist with Fortrend’s PLUS 500F 200mm Wafer SMIF Loader. Tailored exclusively for ASM A400 furnaces, this unit is a synthesis of innovative technology and practical design, ensuring your wafer handling processes are executed with unparalleled efficiency and reliability.

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