SIO-300-200 Thermal Curing System


Fortrend’s SIO-300-200 Automated Thermal Curing System: Precision and Versatility in Wafer Curing.

Navigate through the epitome of sophisticated wafer curing with Fortrend’s SIO-300-200 Automated Thermal Curing system. Engineered to be a revolutionary low-temperature automated bake oven, it accommodates a myriad of applications with paramount precision and efficiency, cementing its place as an indispensable asset in your semiconductor manufacturing.

Versatile Wafer Accommodation

Available for 200mm, 300mm, and 450mm wafers, catering to diverse semiconductor fabrication needs.

Optimised Temperature Control

Achieve temperatures up to 300°C with a heating ramp time of 6°C per minute and a cooling ramp of 4°C per minute, ensuring controlled and consistent curing processes.

Unrivalled Temperature Uniformity

Radiation heating with ±3.5°C temperature uniformity across wafers guarantees meticulous thermal management during the curing process.

Process Under Vacuum or Gas

Process under vacuum(10torr) or 3 different gases.

A Myriad of Recipes

Armed with up to 999 recipes, the system provides a wide array of customisable settings to meet varied thermal curing demands.

Uncompromised Cleanliness

The system adheres to ISO Class 4 (Fed Class 10) cleanliness, ensuring an uncontaminated environment and thereby, safeguarding the integrity of your processes.

Flexible Solutions Adapted to your Production Scale

Single Thermal Curing Chamber accommodates up to:

  • 75x 200mm wafers
  • 25x 300mm wafers
  • 25x 450mm wafers

Dual Thermal Curing Chambers accommodate up to:

  • 150x 200mm wafers
  • 50x 300mm wafers
  • 50x 450mm wafers

Flexible Wafer Orientation

Customise wafer orientation to be either vertical or horizontal, aligning with specific process requirements, and ensuring optimal results.

Reliability and Maintenance Excellence

Fortrend’s SIO-300-200 not only underscores reliability and stability in its operation but also champions a design that necessitates easier and reduced maintenance, ensuring that the system consistently delivers peak performance with minimal downtime.

Explore a world where precision, flexibility, and reliability converge with Fortrend’s SIO-300-200 Automated Thermal Curing system, meticulously crafted to elevate your semiconductor manufacturing processes to new heights of excellence.

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