SIO-300-450 Thermal Curing System


Experience Precision and Reliability with Fortrend’s SIO-300-450 Automated Thermal Curing System.

Embark on a journey toward unparalleled thermal curing excellence with Fortrend’s SIO-300-450, an automated system that delivers meticulous control, high-quality performance, and innovative technology to elevate your semiconductor processes.

Robust, Automated Operation

Designed for complete automated operation, ensuring consistency, reliability, and minimal manual intervention.

Impressive Temperature Capabilities

Delivering a wide temperature range from 15°C to 450°C, accommodating diverse curing requirements.

Multiple Applications

Thermal Processes, Polyimide Cure, BCB Cure, Photo-Resist Cure, Copper Anneal, Copper Oxide Removal & Stress Relief.

Multiple Recipe Control

Enables management and execution of multiple recipes, all controlled directly through Computer-Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) for enhanced process versatility.

Data Acquisition

Thoroughly record vital process variables including temperature, pressure, gas flow, and wafer information to ensure traceability and optimise processes.

Reliable Transfer System

Trust in a robust transfer system that ensures safe and precise wafer handling throughout the curing process.

HSMS Communication

Adhering to the HSMS communication standard, ensuring seamless integration and reliable communication in your semiconductor manufacturing environment.

Pristine Environmental Conditions

Attaining an environmental and oven chamber cleanliness of class 10, safeguarding processes from contaminants and ensuring the integrity of your wafers.

Optimal Wafer Capacity

With the ability to handle 50 wafers per chamber, the SIO-300-450 balances impressive capacity with meticulous control for optimised production runs.

OHT Compatibility

Featuring E-84 protocol for Overhead Hoist Transport (OHT), ensuring smooth, automated material transport, enhancing overall operational flow and integration into your manufacturing line.

The Fortrend SIO-300-450 stands as a testament to advanced engineering and innovative design, providing an automated thermal curing solution that not only meets but exceeds the demanding requirements of contemporary semiconductor manufacturing. Engage with a system where top-tier technology, remarkable cleanness, and robust automation converge, ensuring your processes are executed with precision, reliability, and unparalleled quality.

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