Aegis Diamond-Like Carbon Deposition


The Intlvac Aegis is a cutting-edge deposition tool engineered to revolutionise the world of diamond-like carbon (DLC) coatings. With its state-of-the-art technology and unparalleled performance, the Intlvac Aegis sets new standards for precision, durability, and efficiency in DLC film deposition.

Unleash the Power of DLC

Harness the exceptional properties of diamond-like carbon coatings with the Intlvac Aegis. Intlvac’s advanced tool allows you to effortlessly deposit high-quality DLC films, unlocking a realm of possibilities for enhancing surface hardness, reducing friction, and improving wear resistance in various applications.

Unrivalled Precision and Control

Experience unprecedented control over DLC film deposition with the Intlvac Aegis. Equipped with cutting-edge features and advanced process monitoring capabilities, this tool empowers you to achieve precise thickness control, uniformity, and superior film quality. Say goodbye to inconsistent results and welcome a new era of reliability and reproducibility.

Efficiency Redefined

The Intlvac Aegis is engineered to optimise efficiency in every aspect of the DLC deposition process. From rapid substrate loading and unloading to accelerated cycle times, this tool streamlines your workflow, maximising productivity and minimising downtime. Take your operations to the next level and achieve more in less time.

Reliability at Its Core

Built with uncompromising quality and reliability in mind, the Intlvac Aegis ensures uninterrupted performance in demanding production environments. With robust construction and advanced maintenance features, this tool guarantees long-term stability, reducing the need for frequent servicing and enhancing your overall operational efficiency.

Innovation in Design

The Intlvac Aegis not only excels in performance but also showcases a sleek and ergonomic design. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive controls make operation effortless, while its compact footprint saves valuable floor space. Embrace innovation without sacrificing convenience.

Transform Possibilities with Intlvac Aegis

Whether you’re in the semiconductor, automotive, aerospace, or medical industry, the Intlvac Aegis opens up a world of possibilities for DLC deposition. Enhance the performance and lifespan of your products, improve efficiency, and gain a competitive edge in your market.

Experience the Future Today

Join the forefront of DLC technology with the Intlvac Aegis. Unlock the full potential of diamond-like carbon coatings and transform your manufacturing processes. With our cutting-edge tool, innovation is within your reach. Upgrade to the Intlvac Aegis and redefine what’s possible in DLC deposition.

DLC on wide variety of substrates that include:

  • IR Optics: Silicon, Germanium, Chalcogenides
  • Plastics: Ultem, Polycarbonate, Polyimide, PEEK
  • Glass: Crown Glass, UVFS, SF11, Sapphire
  • Metals: Aluminum, Copper, High-Carbon Steel

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