Ares - TVAC3 Thermal Vacuum Chamber


The Intlvac Ares TVAC3, is an advanced thermal vacuum chamber cycling system designed to elevate your component testing to new heights. Engineered with state-of-the-art technology and unrivalled performance, the Intlvac Ares TVAC3 sets new standards for precision, reliability, and efficiency in thermal vacuum applications, such as space simulation.

Precise Thermal Cycling Under High Vacuum

The Intlvac Ares TVAC3 is specifically designed for thermally cycling components under high vacuum conditions. The system features a horizontal cylinder with access doors on both ends, providing easy and convenient loading and unloading of components. With a comprehensive range of instrumentation ports, this system ensures seamless integration with your testing needs.

Oil-Free High Vacuum Pumping

Achieve oil-free, high vacuum pumping with the Intlvac Ares TVAC3. This system combines advanced vacuum pumps to deliver exceptional vacuum performance, ensuring a clean and reliable testing environment. Experience precise control over pressure levels for accurate and consistent results.

Efficient Temperature Cycling

The Intlvac Ares TVAC3 employs various methods for efficient temperature cycling. The vacuum chamber shroud and platen are thermally controlled, enabling precise temperature profiles. Heat transfer to customer parts is achieved through ‘Black Body’ radiation, ensuring optimal thermal uniformity. Internal shrouds are temperature controlled and coated with a flat aerospace-rated black coating on the interior for enhanced performance.

Intuitive Controls and Monitoring

The system is controlled by Intlvac’s Autosys PLC controller, ensuring seamless operation and precise control throughout the testing process. Housed in a separate controls rack, the controller handles automatic pump down, venting, temperature control, power failure recovery, and interlocks for safe operation. The user interface is facilitated through a LabView computer workstation equipped with a 19″ digital flat screen monitor. All parameters are logged and can be easily viewed in the built-in graphical log viewer or analysed offline using spreadsheet programs.

Reliable and Safe Operation

The Intlvac Ares TVAC3 is designed for reliable and safe operation. With robust construction and advanced safety features, this system ensures uninterrupted testing while prioritising user safety. Benefit from comprehensive control and monitoring capabilities while conducting your critical component testing with confidence.

Experience the Future of Thermal Vacuum Cycling

Step into the future of thermal vacuum cycling with the Intlvac Ares TVAC3. Unlock the full potential of precise temperature control and high vacuum chamber performance, allowing you to make informed decisions and achieve superior testing results. Upgrade to the Intlvac Ares TVAC3 and redefine what’s possible in thermal testing and component validation.

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