Deimos - TVAC1


The Intlvac Deimos TVAC1, is a state-of-the-art thermal vacuum chamber testing system designed to verify operation under space vacuum conditions. Intlvac Thin Film presents a range of test systems tailored for instrumentation, optics, and micro-satellites. Their cutting-edge systems enable the simulation of black body surface temperatures down to 150 Kelvin while replicating the deep space environment. With the Intlvac Deimos TVAC1 thermal vacuum chamber testing system, you can instrument and assess the performance of your test items within a temperature range of -120⁰C to +120⁰C.

Unparalleled Control and Reliability

The Intlvac Deimos TVAC1 is seamlessly controlled by Intlvac’s Autosys PLC controller, ensuring precise and reliable operation throughout your testing process. The controls are housed in a separate rack, offering ease of access and maintenance. The controller manages automatic pump down, venting, temperature control, power failure recovery, and interlocks for enhanced safety. Utilise the user-friendly LabView computer workstation, equipped with a 19″ digital flat screen monitor, to effortlessly interact with the system. All parameters are meticulously logged and can be conveniently viewed in the built-in graphical log viewer or analysed offline using spreadsheet programs.

Simulate Space Vacuum Conditions

Achieve accurate simulation of space vacuum conditions with the Intlvac Deimos TVAC1. The advanced system enables you to recreate the extreme thermal environment experienced in space. From black body surface temperatures down to 150 Kelvin to the deep space atmosphere, experience precise and reliable testing that mirrors real-world conditions. Validate the performance and durability of your components with confidence.

Wide Temperature Range for Comprehensive Testing

The Intlvac Deimos TVAC1 offers a broad temperature range, allowing comprehensive testing of your items. With the capability to hold test items within a temperature range of -120⁰C to +120⁰C, you can assess the behaviour and functionality of your instruments and devices across various thermal conditions. Gain valuable insights and ensure optimal performance in extreme temperature environments.

Enhanced Safety and Operational Control

Designed with safety and efficiency in mind, the Intlvac Deimos TVAC1 incorporates advanced interlocks and safeguards to protect both the system and the operators. Conduct your testing operations with peace of mind, knowing that the system is equipped with robust safety features. Focus on achieving accurate results while maintaining a secure testing environment.

Experience Unmatched Thermal Testing Capabilities

Step into the future of thermal vacuum testing with the Intlvac Deimos TVAC1. Unlock the full potential of simulating space vacuum conditions and conducting precise temperature tests. Upgrade to the Intlvac Deimos TVAC1 and redefine what’s possible in thermal testing and validation.

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