Icarus Indium Deposition System


The Intlvac Icarus Indium Deposition System is a high-performance solution optimised for efficient production with minimal maintenance and quick turnaround times. With cutting-edge technology, this system offers a seamless process from start to finish, delivering spit-free coatings of 2μ in less than 90 minutes using an automatic single carrier load-lock design. For even faster operation, an optional load-lock cassette system is available.

Impressive System Capacity

The Intlvac Icarus Indium Deposition System boasts a high capacity, allowing for hundreds of depositions without the need to open the main chamber. When it’s time to refill the Indium, a quick exchange of the pre-charged Indium crucible takes only a few minutes. The advanced technology ensures superior precision and uniform deposition, resulting in excellent coating quality.

Versatile Wafer Handling

Icarus can handle wafers of any size and shape, up to 200mm in diameter. Custom carriers can be designed to accommodate the specific needs of your products. Standard carriers can handle 3x 75mm, 2x 100mm, or 1x 150mm wafers, with options for witness pieces, and even 200mm wafers.

Automatic Load-Lock for Efficiency

The Icarus System features an automatic or manual load-lock, depending on your configuration needs. The load-lock efficiently transfers and pre-conditions single wafers up to 200mm. It includes a wafer cleaning position that facilitates the removal of light surface contamination, oxides, and water vapor without physically etching the wafer. Once cleaned, the carrier transfers the wafer into position for deposition.

Superior Deposition Control

Our system geometry ensures a flat and uniform deposition front, providing superior “lift-off” capability. The Icarus System offers precise control over deposition thickness, fill, and material properties, making it suitable for various successful solder bump designs. Achieve the desired results with exceptional control and repeatability.

Easy Maintenance and Reclamation

The Icarus System is designed for easy maintenance and maximum reclamation. It features a strategically positioned and easily removable internal deposition shield, allowing for efficient cleaning and replacement. Removable liners can be easily swapped out and replaced with the spare set provided with the system, ensuring smooth operation.

Advanced Evaporation Source

The Intlvac Icarus Indium Deposition System utilizes a proprietary Intlvac evaporation source. The system includes a large molybdenum crucible with a thick wall design for long-lasting operation. Enjoy an extremely stable evaporation rate, and the crucible can be loaded in place or removed and loaded in an alternate location for added flexibility.

Wide Range of Applications

The Icarus System supports various applications, including indium bump bonding for focal plane arrays, ohmic contacts for III-V and II-VI materials with diffusion barriers, precision optical coatings using Ion Beam and Magnetron Sputtering, optical filters, gratings, anti-reflective and anti-scratch coatings for IR optics, and deposition of semiconductors and dielectric materials.

Experience the Cutting-Edge Solution

Embrace the future of solder bump deposition with the Intlvac Icarus Indium Deposition System. Achieve high throughput production, superior deposition control, and efficient operation. Upgrade to the Intlvac Icarus Indium Deposition System and unlock unparalleled capabilities for your semiconductor manufacturing needs.

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