Nanochrome I Thin Film Deposition


The Intlvac Nanochrome I R&D Load-Lock system is a cutting-edge platform capable of precise thin film deposition for research and development purposes. This system excels in evaporating materials, including metals and dielectrics, using Electron Beam Evaporation from a four or six pocket electron beam gun. The direct water-cooled rotating substrate stage, along with stepper motors, enables automatic variable angle deposition, providing exceptional versatility and efficiency.

Multi-Layer Deposition and More

The Nanochrome I offers a stage angle adjustment feature, allowing for multi-layer electron beam evaporation, magnetron sputtering, and ion beam etching within the same pump-down cycle. This capability enhances the system’s versatility, enabling diverse deposition techniques and process integration to meet various research and development needs.

Advanced Electron Beam Evaporation

Experience precise and controlled electron beam evaporation with the Nanochrome I’s four or six pocket electron beam gun. The system delivers efficient material deposition, including metals and dielectrics, ensuring high-quality thin films for your R&D applications.

Direct Water-Cooled Rotating Substrate Stage

The Nanochrome I is equipped with a direct water-cooled rotating substrate stage, providing optimal temperature control and uniformity during deposition. This feature enhances film quality and consistency, ensuring reliable results for your thin film experiments.

Automatic Variable Angle Deposition

Stepper motors enable automatic variable angle deposition, allowing you to adjust the angle of deposition effortlessly. This functionality enhances process flexibility and precision, enabling precise control over film properties and thickness during deposition.

Unlock Versatile Thin Film Deposition

Step into the future of thin film deposition with the Intlvac Nanochrome I. Experience advanced electron beam evaporation and versatile multi-layer deposition capabilities. Upgrade to the Nanochrome I and redefine what’s possible in thin film research and development. Benefit from its direct water-cooled rotating substrate stage, automatic variable angle deposition, and system integration capabilities to unlock versatile thin film deposition potential for your R&D projects.

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