Nanochrome II Thin Film Deposition


The Intlvac Nanochrome II system is an exceptional platform for Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD). Designed with versatility in mind, the Nanochrome II offers a wide range of configurations tailored to your specific needs. With its compact footprint, cost-effectiveness, and user-friendly operation, this system is the ultimate choice for all your thin film coating requirements. Monitor your processes effortlessly with the LabVIEW graphic display, providing real-time system status updates from anywhere in your workspace.


Explore a Wealth of Deposition Options

The Nanochrome II allows for easy configuration of Electron Beam Evaporation, Thermal Evaporation, Magnetron Sputter Deposition, and Ion Assist. Enjoy seamless integration of multiple process options, including hard coatings and soft coatings, tailored to achieve precise results for various thin film materials.


Clamshell Design for Enhanced Access

Built around a vertical “clamshell” design, the Nanochrome II offers full access to all parts of the chamber, simplifying maintenance and enhancing operational efficiency. Water cooling/heating traces expedite pump-down times, while the periscope assembly permits clear viewing of PVD sources during operation. Multiple optical paths enable real-time measurement and control of your optical coatings, ensuring superior film growth.


Tailored Fixturing for Uniform Coatings

Customise your system with various substrate holders, such as flat plate planetary, rotating hub, flip fixture planetary, or planetary dome. Enjoy substrate revolution and planetary rotation for uniform and consistent coatings. Inside the Nanochrome II, discover quartz halogen lamp heaters, quartz crystal sensors, thermocouples, and fully automated shutters for precise process control.


Achieve High Vacuum Efficiency

Our systems effortlessly achieve ultimate pressures of 5 × 10-8 Torr without heating. Careful attention to low surface area construction, electropolishing, and elimination of trapped volumes ensures fast pump-down times. High vacuum pumping is standard with all dry pumps, guaranteeing exceptional performance.


Explore Special Options for Enhanced Capabilities

The Nanochrome II offers special options, including low-temperature operation, allowing increased deposition rates for various thin films. Benefit from the family of Ion Beam substrate stages for direct substrate cooling while depositing films. High-temperature options up to 800°C are available, achieved through IR backside heating elements, quartz lamp arrays, and oxygen-resistant heating elements.


Advanced Ion Sources for Enhanced Coating

Experience advanced Ion Sources for precleaning, assist, and reactive operations. Completely filament-less, the new generation of sources provides high beam currents and low energy, ideal for film densification, cleaning, and large-area assist. From End Hall gridless sources to gridded RF sources, select the ion source that matches your coating needs, offering up to 10 amps of ion current at energies below 300eV or up to 1 amp with ion energies selectable from 100 to 1000eV.


Step into the Future of Thin Film Deposition

The Intlvac Nanochrome II sets the benchmark for advanced thin film deposition. Experience its versatility, user-friendly interface, and extensive configuration options. Upgrade to the Nanochrome II and redefine what’s possible in thin film applications. Enjoy enhanced control, precision, and results for all your coating needs

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