Nanochrome IV UV VIS Thin Film Deposition


The Intlvac Nanochrome IV UV VIS is Intlvac’s latest and most advanced precision optical coating platform. This system is specifically designed for creating complex optical filters using e-beam evaporation with ion assist under optical control. Whether you require real-time re-optimisation or prefer standard deposition controls, the Nanochrome IV UV VIS delivers exceptional results.


Dual-Axis Rotation for Enhanced Uniformity

The Nanochrome IV UV VIS features a planetary stage with dual-axis rotation and five 12-inch substrate carriers, ensuring superior coating uniformity. With a baseline uniformity of 2%, each planet can accommodate one 12-inch substrate or an array of substrates, maximising coating capacity in each cycle. Achieve precise and consistent results for your optical coatings.


Real-Time Optical Monitoring

Experience the power of real-time re-optimisation with the integrated broadband optical monitoring system. This advanced feature allows for on-the-fly adjustments of film layers, ensuring optimal coating performance. The system provides automated process control in reflection or transmission mode, enabling precise control over your deposition processes. The Nanochrome IV UV VIS offers digital control, one-button automation, and real-time data logging of critical parameters through the Intlvac Nanocon interface.


Operator-Friendly Design

The Nanochrome IV UV VIS platform prioritises operator convenience and safety. With three separate, spring-loaded shutter viewports, operators can directly observe the evaporation source, the high current ion source, and the sample stage. A rotatable polarizer viewport with a periscope attachment enables safe, direct viewing of the deposition source during operation. The system also allows real-time viewing of spectra, and the adjustable monitoring range covers 400 to 1500 nanometers, providing flexibility for various optical applications.


Cutting-Edge Cryopump Technology

The Nanochrome IV UV VIS incorporates the world’s first production platform with the latest generation CTI variable speed cryopump. Benefit from unparalleled pumping performance and enhanced system reliability, ensuring optimal vacuum conditions for your coating processes.


Key Benefits for Precision Optical Coating

Experience exceptional process repeatability with a baseline uniformity of 2%. The Nanochrome IV UV VIS offers automated process control, real-time re-optimisation, and dual-axis rotation with five 12-inch planets. Achieve precise and high-quality optical coatings, meeting the demands of even the most complex optical filter designs.


Unlock Precision Optical Coating Potential

Step into the future of precision optical coating with the Intlvac Nanochrome IV UV VIS. Experience the power of real-time re-optimisation, operator-friendly features, and cutting-edge cryopump technology. Upgrade to the Nanochrome IV UV VIS and redefine what’s possible in precision optical coating applications.

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