Nanochrome Pico Thin Film Deposition


The Intlvac Nanochrome Pico is the ultimate all-purpose prototyping and R&D physical vapour deposition (PVD) platform available on the market. This versatile system can be configured for a wide range of applications, including e-Beam evaporation for liftoff, optical interference filters, multi-layer barrier coatings, and transparent conductive oxides (TCOs). Experience exceptional flexibility and performance with the Nanochrome Pico.


Flexible Configuration for Diverse Applications

The Nanochrome Pico offers a wide range of configuration options, making it suitable for various applications in thin film deposition. Whether you require liftoff capabilities, optical interference filters, multi-layer barrier coatings, or TCOs, the Nanochrome Pico can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Benefit from the ability to adapt the system to changing research and development requirements.


Compact Design with Easy Reconfiguration

Designed with a compact 16″ D-shaped chamber and a small footprint, the Nanochrome Pico can seamlessly integrate into any laboratory environment. Its modular design enables easy process reconfiguration, allowing you to switch between sputter up and sputter down configurations effortlessly. This adaptability ensures efficient use of lab space and simplifies process adjustments.


Load-Lock Transfer Capability

The Nanochrome Pico is equipped with load-lock transfer functionality, enabling seamless transfer of samples between atmospheric conditions and connected Pico chambers. This feature is particularly useful for systems dedicated to metal films or oxides, enhancing process efficiency and minimising contamination risks during substrate handling.


Unlock Your Thin Film Deposition Potential:

Step into the future of thin film deposition with the Intlvac Nanochrome Pico. Experience ultimate versatility and performance for your prototyping and R&D needs. Upgrade to the Nanochrome Pico and redefine what’s possible in thin film applications. Benefit from its compact design, modular configuration options, and load-lock transfer capability to unlock your thin film deposition potential.

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