Nanoquest III/IV Ion Beam Etch & Milling


The Intlvac Nanoquest III/IV is an economical and versatile production ion beam etch system that sets new standards in precision and flexibility. This advanced system enables precise control of ion beam energy and etch angle automatically, making it ideal for a wide range of applications. From simple inert etching to complex reactive processes, the Nanoquest III/IV delivers exceptional performance.


Efficient Batch Processing

The Nanoquest III/IV is designed as a production etch tool, offering efficient batch processing capabilities. Benefit from precise control and consistency in every batch, enhancing productivity and reducing processing time. Maximise throughput while maintaining high-quality results.


Advanced Water-Cooled Double Axis Stage

Experience superior cooling and precise control with the Nanoquest III/IV’s water-cooled double axis stage. The system incorporates 5 hollow shaft rotary drives that provide water cooling directly beneath each of the double rotating wafer planets. This innovative design ensures optimal temperature management, preventing overheating and maintaining stable process conditions.


Wide Process Range

The Nanoquest III/IV accommodates a wide range of processes, from simple inert etching to complex reactive operations. Enjoy flexibility in choosing the appropriate process parameters to achieve the desired results for your specific applications. This versatility makes the Nanoquest III/IV a powerful tool for various etching requirements.


RF Ion Source and Endpoint Detection

Equipped with a 22 cm ion beam from an RF ion source, the Nanoquest III/IV offers exceptional ion beam performance for precise etching. The system incorporates secondary ion mass spectrometry for accurate and reliable endpoint detection, ensuring optimal process control and repeatability.


Intuitive Operation and Display

The Nanoquest III/IV features Intlvac’s graphical display, powered by LabVIEW, for user-friendly operation and clear visualisation of system parameters and controls. Seamlessly navigate through the system interface, making adjustments and monitoring progress with ease. Integrate the Nanoquest III/IV into your workflow effortlessly and streamline your production processes.


Experience Precision and Versatility

Step into the future of ion beam etching with the Intlvac Nanoquest III+IV. Unlock the full potential of precise control, efficient batch processing, and versatility in etching applications. Upgrade to the Nanoquest III/IV and redefine what’s possible in production ion beam etching.

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