Nanoquest Pico Ion Beam Etch & Milling


Experience the ultimate compact ion milling platform for thin film research and development with the Intlvac Nanoquest Pico. Designed to cater to applications in Data Storage, Spintronics, and Semiconductors, this versatile tool offers exceptional performance. Configurable with a range of ion sources and gases, the Nanoquest Pico fits seamlessly into any lab environment with its compact 14″ D-shaped chamber and small footprint.

Precision Ion Beam Etching

The Nanoquest Pico excels in etching small wafers and dies, making it ideal for fast etching of thin films that are not responsive to conventional chemical or dry etching processes. Experience precise and efficient etching capabilities with this advanced system. Achieve high-quality results for your thin film applications with ease.

Fast Pumping and Ultimate Pressure

Experience quick start-up times with the Nanoquest Pico’s rapid pumping capability, reaching 5×10-6 Torr in under 10 minutes. The system maintains an ultimate pressure of better than 1×10-7 Torr, ensuring a clean and controlled environment for your etching processes.

Flexible Substrate Fixturing

The Nanoquest Pico offers versatile substrate fixturing options to accommodate your specific needs. Choose between a rotary table or water-cooled stage with adjustable rotation speeds ranging from 0 to 10rpm. Enjoy variable incident angles, offsets, and tilt capabilities from 0° to 270°, providing optimal flexibility for precise etching and milling requirements.

Wide Substrate Size Compatibility

Effortlessly process substrates of up to 50mm in diameter with the Nanoquest Pico. Its generous chamber size allows for efficient handling of various sample sizes, ensuring compatibility with your specific thin film applications.

Comprehensive Ion Milling Capabilities

Choose from a range of ion sources to achieve the desired ion milling performance. The Nanoquest Pico offers multiple options:

  • 1cm DC Ion Source: 10mA beam current, up to 500eV ion energy.
  • 4cm DC Ion Source: Up to 120mA beam current and 1200eV ion energy, equipped with a filament neutralizer.
  • 4cm RFICP Ion Source: 150mA beam current, 100-1200eV ion energy, low energy remote neutralizer.
  • 8cm DC Ion Source: 250mA beam current, 100-1200eV ion energy, equipped with a filament neutralizer.

Expansion Options

The Nanoquest Pico is fully customisable to suit your specific requirements. It can be integrated with load-lock systems, gloveboxes, or retrofitted onto cluster tools. Enjoy flexibility and scalability as your research needs evolve.

Unlock Precision Etching and Milling Capabilities

Step into the future of thin film research and development with the Intlvac Nanoquest Pico. Experience exceptional ion beam etching and milling performance in a compact design. Upgrade to the Nanoquest Pico and redefine what’s possible in thin film applications.

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