Vacuum Degassing Chamber


Vacuum Degassing Chamber

Experience the pinnacle of gas removal efficiency with the Mass-Vac Vacuum Degassing Chamber. This state-of-the-art chamber is meticulously designed to address the critical challenge of entrapped gas, ensuring your final product emerges free from air and trapped gases that could potentially lead to failures.

Comprehensive Gas Removal

The Mass-Vac Vacuum Degassing Chamber is your ally in eliminating the risk of entrapped gases. By reducing pressure above the material’s surface, it facilitates the escape and subsequent removal of air and other gases that could compromise the integrity of your end-product. Count on this chamber to uphold the highest quality standards.

Affordable Solution

Elevate your process without breaking the bank. This low-cost vacuum chamber offers exceptional gas removal capabilities, providing value-driven performance that enhances your production process.

Versatile Replacement

Bid farewell to traditional plastic or glass desiccating chambers. The Mass-Vac Vacuum Degassing Chamber steps up to replace these outdated options, offering superior gas removal and ensuring that the final product remains free from unwanted gases.

Precision Engineering for Optimal Performance

Crafted with precision and performance in mind, the Mass-Vac Vacuum Degassing Chamber boasts a rugged Lucite® top that offers full visibility into the chamber’s interior. This transparency empowers you to monitor processes closely and make informed decisions.

Complete Package

The Mass-Vac Vacuum Degassing Chamber comes complete with essential components. The stainless steel tank features a pump-out port for efficient maintenance. An isolation valve, vent valve, Bourdon vacuum gauge, and the cutting-edge VISI-TRAP® inlet trap, designed to protect your vacuum pump, are all seamlessly integrated.

Tailored to Your Needs

Choose the optimal configuration for your operations. The Mass-Vac Vacuum Degassing Chamber is available with or without a vacuum pump, offering flexibility to match your requirements precisely. Additional accessories, including a rotary table, feed-thru ports, and feed thrus, allow you to fine-tune the chamber for your unique processes.

Unlock a new era of gas removal efficiency with the Mass-Vac Vacuum Degassing Chamber. Trust in its performance to ensure your final product is free from entrapped gases and air, paving the way for uncompromised excellence. Experience the power of purity today.

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