Visi-Trap Vacuum Trap

The Mass-Vac Visi-Trap Vacuum Trap is crafted for precision and performance, this innovative trap redefines protection by catering to the needs of both your vacuum pump and system. With advanced features and adaptable inserts, the Visi-Trap stands as an essential asset for maintaining efficiency and longevity.

Transparent Sump Brilliance

Elevate your pump and system’s care with the Mass-Vac Visi-Trap’s ingenious transparent sump design. Housing an insert that traps foreign particles, vapours, and corrosive chemicals, this trap ensures unwelcome materials are kept at bay. The transparent sump also serves as a visual indicator, providing a clear signal for when it’s time to change the insert, enhancing maintenance efficiency.

Versatile Insert Options

Tailor your protection strategy with a selection of inserts designed to address specific challenges. Choose from stainless steel gauze, copper gauze, molecular sieve, or soda lime inserts to cater to your unique requirements. This versatility empowers you to optimise your trap’s functionality based on your needs.

Simplified Maintenance

Say goodbye to complicated maintenance routines. The Mass-Vac Visi-Trap’s user-friendly design allows you to change inserts seamlessly without the need to remove the trap from your vacuum system. This streamlines your maintenance process, reducing downtime and ensuring uninterrupted operation.

Comprehensive Protection

The Visi-Trap’s prowess extends beyond traditional trapping. It shields your pump from corrosive chemicals, prevents damage caused by particles and oil vapours, and significantly reduces oil backstreaming. This comprehensive approach guarantees your pump and system’s longevity and reliability.

Customisation Possibilities

Explore a wealth of possibilities with the Mass-Vac Visi-Trap Vacuum Trap. Mass-Vac’s array of filter media options lets you tailor the trap to your specific needs. Seeking something unique? Our experts can create customised filters, ensuring your application’s exact requirements are met.

Elevate your vacuum system’s protection to unparalleled heights with the Mass-Vac Visi-Trap Vacuum Trap. Experience the synergy of innovation and efficiency as you shield your pump and system from harm, preserving their performance for the long haul. Embrace optimal protection today.

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