The PICOSUN® P-1000 atomic layer deposition system, a cutting-edge solution designed specifically for batch processing a wide range of 3-dimensional items in a production environment. From mechanical machinery parts to coins, watch parts, jewellery, lenses, optics, and medical equipment, including surgical implants and implantable devices (PicoMEDICAL™ solutions), this system delivers exceptional performance.

With a focus on enhancing item performance and lifespan, the PICOSUN® P-1000 enables the application of various passivation and barrier layers. Its innovative and agile design ensures the highest quality ALD depositions, offering excellent uniformity, maximum yields, minimal system downtime, and low cost-of-ownership. Benefit from production-proven processes that guarantee superior results.

Experience reliability, speed, and ease of maintenance with the PICOSUN® P-1000 atomic layer deposition system. It represents the forefront of industrial ALD technology, empowering you to achieve remarkable outcomes in your production processes.

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