Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD)

Picosun Group, a global leader in the field of Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) technology, is an Applied Materials company renowned for its innovative solutions and cutting-edge expertise.

Founded in Espoo, Finland, Picosun has been pioneering the development and commercialisation of advanced atomic layer deposition systems since 2004. The company’s core mission is to empower industries worldwide by providing high-quality, reliable, and scalable atomic layer deposition equipment that enables the manufacturing of next-generation nanoscale devices and materials.

Catering to a wide array of sectors, including semiconductors, electronics, renewable energy, and life sciences, Picosun’s robust atomic layer deposition systems are designed to meet diverse requirements while maintaining unparalleled process control and precision. By fostering a strong commitment to continuous research and development, Picosun is poised to drive the future of material sciences and facilitate the creation of groundbreaking technologies that will redefine our world.

Cutting-Edge ALD technology

Picosun's atomic layer deposition systems are known for their advanced capabilities and performance, enabling precise and uniform thin film deposition at the atomic level. This allows for better control of the materials' properties and improved device performance.

Wide Range of Applications

Picosun's ALD solutions cater to various industries, including semiconductors, electronics, energy, optics, medical, and research. Their atomic layer deposition equipment is suitable for multiple applications, such as protective coatings, barrier layers, and functional films.

Customisation and Scalability

Picosun offers a comprehensive range of atomic layer deposition systems, from benchtop units for research and development purposes to large-scale production equipment. Their solutions can be tailored to meet specific customer requirements and can be easily scaled to accommodate growing production needs.

High-Quality Customer Service

Picosun is committed to providing excellent customer support, including installation, training, and maintenance services and SiSTEM Technology have a local expert to cover tools in the UK and Ireland. They also offer consultation services to help clients optimise their atomic layer deposition processes and achieve the best possible results.

Strong Research & Development

Picosun continuously invests in research and development to stay at the forefront of atomic layer deposition technology. They collaborate with leading research institutions, universities, and industry partners to develop innovative ALD solutions and applications.

Environmental Responsibility

Picosun's ALD solutions are designed with environmental sustainability in mind. Atomic layer deposition enables energy-efficient manufacturing processes, reduced waste generation, and the development of clean energy technologies, such as solar panels and batteries.

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