R-200 Standard


The PICOSUN® R-200 Standard atomic layer deposition system, the unrivaled market leader in thermal ALD research tools. Trusted by innovative companies and research institutes worldwide, it has emerged as the tool of choice for cutting-edge research and development.

With its agile design, the PICOSUN® R-200 Standard ALD system enables the highest quality ALD film depositions while offering unparalleled system flexibility to meet future needs and applications. Featuring Picosun’s patented hot-wall design with fully separated inlets and instrumentation, it ensures particle-free processing on a wide range of materials, including wafers, 3D objects, and nanoscale features. Achieving excellent uniformity, even on the most challenging samples with through-porous structures, ultra-high aspect ratios, and nanoparticles, is made possible by proprietary Picoflow™ technology.

Equipped with highly functional and easily interchangeable precursor sources for liquid, gaseous, and solid chemicals, the PICOSUN® R-200 Standard systems provide exceptional versatility. Integration with glove boxes, powder chambers, and various in situ analytics systems allows for efficient and flexible research, yielding excellent results across diverse research areas—both present and future.

Experience the superiority of the PICOSUN® R-200 Standard atomic layer deposition system, the forefront of thermal ALD technology, empowering you to achieve remarkable outcomes in your research endeavors.

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