The PICOSUN® P-300 ALD system, a cutting-edge atomic layer deposition tool that redefines high volume ALD manufacturing. With its revolutionary hot-wall design and fully separated inlets, this system ensures unmatched quality in ALD film production, delivering exceptional yield, minimal particle levels, and outstanding electrical and optical performance. Enjoy seamless operation and easy maintenance, reducing system downtime and offering the most cost-effective solution in the market. Experience the power of Picoflow™ diffusion enhancer technology, which guarantees highly conformal coatings even on ultra-high aspect ratio substrates, utilising well-established production processes.

The PICOSUN® P-300B ALD system is purpose-built for batch processing in MEMS and 3-dimensional component production. It excels at coating various mechanical machinery parts, coins, watch parts, jewellery, lenses, optics, medical equipment, and surgical implants, including implantable devices (PicoMEDICAL® solutions). This system is characterised by its speed, reliability, and effortless maintenance, making it the ideal choice for fulfilling your production needs.

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