The PICOSUN® P-300BV ALD system, a state-of-the-art solution specifically engineered for the production of LEDs, discrete devices, and MEMS components like print heads, sensors, and microphones. Setting a new industry standard in high volume atomic layer deposition manufacturing, the PICOSUN® P-300 ALD systems combine patented hot-wall design with fully separated inlets, delivering superior-quality ALD films with exceptional yield, minimal particle levels, and unparalleled electrical and optical performance.

The agile design, coupled with effortless and rapid maintenance, ensures minimal system downtime, making the PICOSUN® P-300BV the most cost-effective option available. Leveraging Picosun’s proprietary Picoflow™ diffusion enhancer technology, this system enables highly conformal coatings on ultra-high aspect ratio substrates using established production processes.

Representing the cutting edge of industrial ALD, the PICOSUN® P-300BV ALD system is designed to handle wafer batches with semi-automated precision. It is optimised for swift batch production and seamlessly integrates with factory automation via the SECS/GEM option. With a vacuum loading system featuring a heating option, this tool ensures clean processing of sensitive substrates and facilitates deposition of materials like metal nitrides.

When it comes to industries driven by innovation, the PICOSUN® P-300BV is the ALD system of choice, empowering manufacturers with unparalleled capabilities and performance.

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