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LTFH Reusable High Temperature Filter Housing

The LTFH Reusable High Temperature Filter Housing from Process Technology is a testament to eco-friendly and resilient design. Crafted with heavy wall PTFE, this filter housing is tailored for the most challenging applications, especially suitable for the continuous filtering of high-temperature corrosive chemicals. Its heavy-duty construction sets a new benchmark in durability and performance.

Easy and Reliable Seal

The spin-on ring assembly not only guarantees a positive seal every time but also facilitates quick and effortless cartridge replacement without damaging the housing O-ring.

Compact Maintenance

Features like the housing collar retainer ring and filter cartridge clip significantly reduce the clearance space needed for cartridge maintenance.

Exceptional Chemical Compatibility

100% PTFE fluoropolymer wetted surfaces ensure compatibility with an extensive range of chemistries.

Enhanced Durability

The durable, heavy-wall PTFE construction surpasses the lifespan of comparable thin-wall housings.

Efficient Filter Replacement

Enables fast filter change-outs without the need to disconnect fluid connections.

Reduced Cost of Ownership

The innovative housing design eliminates the need to replace the filter housing with each cartridge change, significantly reducing overall costs.

Minimised Downtime

Designed for quick filter cartridge change-outs without removing fluid connections, effectively reducing mean time to repair (MTTR).

Extended Service Life

The robust, heavy-wall PTFE build ensures a longer service life than thinner wall PFA housings, enhancing reliability and value.

Specialised Application

  • High-Temperature Chemical Filtration
    • Ideal for applications requiring the filtration of corrosive chemicals at high temperatures.

The LTFH Reusable High Temperature Filter Housing by Process Technology represents a fusion of sustainability, innovation, and efficiency. This filter housing is not just a component; it’s a long-term investment in the reliability and efficiency of your filtering processes. Embrace the LTFH for its unparalleled durability, chemical compatibility, and ease of maintenance, all while reducing your operating costs and enhancing safety in your high-temperature applications.

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